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PinUP System Upgrade to version 1.4 from v1.3.6 or newer.

if you are on v1.4.x already, update to latest versions here:|

PinUP Player and/or PinUP Popper Front end Upgrade instructions.

Now Available!! Upgrade your PinUP System to v1.4! Some of the great new items you will see in this release:

  • Google Voice interface: Now you can control your cabinet via voice commands, from finding a table, or setting the volume!
  • Fully customizable GUI Text Layout Themes: TerryRed and Tarcisio have done their magic to give you great new themes for T-Arc and T-Bar layouts.
  • Transparent and Seamless transition loading videos… you have to see it to believe it :)
  • Alt-Run-Modes: now with ability to use the same wheel you can launch a table in many different ways. Like one FX3 table in your DB can be launched in “fantasy” or “classic” mode, even choose HotSeat modes just with one Wheel.
  • PlayOnlyMode (lockdown mode): simple mode that locks down your cab menu so if you're having a party and don't want players messing with any of your Popper settings!
  • Mini-Games: Stay tuned… PinUP Player now has support for mini-games from VPX tables so original games can add that extra 'fun' into their games.

and so much more. See Detailed What's New down below:

The “master” TerryRed and NailBuster are the main contributors to the PinUP System project… but many “Thanks” go out to several people who've helped getting PinUP to where it is today!!! Over 75 beta testers helped out in getting the final v1.4 to release state!

Video on how to upgrade Player and/or Popper Front-end:

Download the Upgrade Zip Here: (make sure you unblock zip file before using in windows)

Note: Lately some anti-virus are 'eating' up some of the Popper utils and exes. You shouldn't run AV on your cab, but if you must then put an exception for the PinUPSystem folder (and subfolders).

PinUP Popper v1.4 now support full video playback on your Real/Hardware DMD. If you'd like to set that up in v1.4 watch this after you've upgraded (LCD DMD users do not need this):

Once you have upgraded your v1.4 Popper system you should checkout some of the great themes to apply to your new version here:

T-ARC Themes:

T-BAR Themes:

T-ARC and T-BAR Desktop Themes:

Detailed What's New in V1.4 PinUP System:


  • Added DB fields. Auto-DB-schema on pinupmenusetup.exe launch.
  • BIG: PuP-MiniGames framework.
  • Player: Added support for 20 displays (not to be used at once, but for dynamic screens to use screens without use of lower/Popper displays.
  • Player: more script changes to fine-tune displays
  • Player: support for overlay pngs and animated gifs
  • Player: alpha support for pupdisplays
  • Player: transparent support for any display not just overlays.
  • Player: support for more than one-overlay (changing overlay is now possible during gameplay)
  • Popper: Huge! new webapi for voice/web/remote to find games or find playlists
  • Popper: Loading screens will pause background playfield video by default. Can increase load performance on slower systems.
  • PinUPMenu: Emulator/System defaults can now be any extension (mp3,png,mp4).
  • Popper: Huge! Voice control via google assistant (home/mini/phone). Yes, you can search for “monster bash”, set volume and exit/shutdown all via voice control!
  • Popper allow joystick to move in menu, not just joystick buttons (directx only).
  • Launch Scripts: Added [?game_field_name?] in script so you can grab any info and do things, like use rom_field to rename pupvideos. Note casesensitive field matching. etc.
  • Theres now a curlaunch.log in launch folder to help troubleshoot curlaunch.bat.
  • Playlists have ‘ugly’ checkbox to hide from attract
  • Defaults are now playlist media first then emulator defaults.
  • Mucho Grande: Embedded VLC distribution… VLC is now linked via subfolder and not linked to any vlc installed in windows. Don’t need to worry about which version of vlc you have… actually don’t need to install vlc if you don’t wish on pc… its now all linked via files within subfolder of pinupsystem so you never need to worry about it.
  • More gamestats like total time played for each table….
  • Breadcrumbs during browsing… (menu return to last position during session)
  • AltRunModes…super duper… enter a list of alt runs modes that the script can do stuff on a game, so if you put “Classic, Fantasy, 2 Player, HotSeat”… then Popper will ask which one to run (via gamemenu) and then launch script can process which mode was selected. [Altmode]
  • Game Manager: Add to Batch Record. Easy way to select a few tables and auto-rec program can use this flag for next recording.
  • Game Manager: GameDBNum: IPDB Number field.
  • Game Manager: Weblink field: a url that can link to this game for info? Perhaps download page for updates? With a button to launch browser for the weblink.
  • Emulators: support more than one game extension. Example: zip,iso
  • Emulator: Other tab: In game script: script gets launched with ‘inGameScript’ button is pressed in game. Flexible to do something… like reset focus. Macro keys that are common for emulator like enter a highscore name…etc.
  • Emulator: Other tab: Ignore file list. You can set here or on add-games to ignore certain files that are found in scanning. Fx3 has a few ‘ugly’ extra non-table files with same extension.
  • AddGames: function to ignore files always. Will add to that emulators Ignore List always.
  • PuPPackEditor: Screen has a VOLUMEMax. Set to 0-100 % and all media volume that plays on that display will be ‘transformed’. So if you set to 80 then all media will play 20% lower.
  • PuPPackEditor: Checkbox on screen to make display transparent. Default color is 0 (black) that is transparent. If you need another color that needs to be done with customfunc.
  • PupPackEditor: Playtype function call customfunc to pass advanced json messages to screen.
  • Controller setup/wizard… now has a skip button to go with clear/cancel.
  • PuPPackEditor: MusicOnly displaytype to force a screen to be hidden/music only…good for adding add music tracks.
  • DisplayConfig: redesign the pupdisplay user placement setup. Buttons for easy sizing and enforces no display bleeds or goes into negative positions.
  • GameSetup: Truncate Media Search setting is now saved for future/all adds.
  • New VPXStarter.exe. New method for focus and startup procedure.
  • AltRun methods can now have their own wheel icons if configured. Copy wheel images (same as altrun name) into default\system folder.
  • Media Manager in listbox where you can rename/make copy…. You can now remove.
  • PlayOnlyMode: mode that will only allow playing (not add favs,system menu..etc) Setup a button (usually a button within cab or underneath?) using Controller Setup in Popper to toggle.
  • Browsing PopUPs are always closed with MENU Return key.
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