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Web Remote Control

How to Setup

this is a WIP project. To get the files needed to test this use the following:

By default the web-remote control is disabled. You must enabled it in system options:

useWEB=true;   **make sure true is in lowercase.**

To register the remote/web server on your cab.

There's a batch file called

PUPServerRegisterCOM.bat you must run this by right-click run-as-administor. press yes.

Windows will probably come up with warnings and such for the webserver. You will most likely need to setup as public so other computers can access.

now you should reboot your computer.

on next Popper Menu startup it will auto-start the webserver to listen for requests.

to test, you can leave Popper running and alt-tab to chrome. in browser type in


a page should come up. if a 404 error comes up you have problems….you've setup something wrong.

if works, then next battle is to make sure it works from other computers on your network.

some things to note: some wifi routers don't allow traffic between wifi and 'wired' pcs. So always good to test both.

Ideally its good to try first the ip of the vpinball address. so in browser on other pc type the address into chrome:

replace 25 with ip of vpinball, (or entire address if not using standard 192.168.1.x) you may also try just typing into chrome:


and see if that works, if it does, then your remote control is all up and ready. Have Fun!

note: the webserver webserver is only running while Popper is running, closing Popper will close the webserver as well.

Troubleshoot: still not working with localhost?

make a shortcut to PUPServer.exe with parameters -wwwport 80 -sockport 8888

then try browser with localhost.

also check firewall to see if you fine PUPServer blocked or anthing like that.

Awesome PinUP User project using web-remote!!!

How to Use

Programmers Reference

\PinUPSystem\wwwRoot the root home directory.

index.html is the default landing page.

note: this is a bare-bone-slim-down-totally basic www server… don't try anything fancy with it as it just won't work. NEVER use on a public internet facing computer.

Here are list of current URL (mimic rest).

PinUP Popper menu must be running in order for the Remote control to work…


use this to get a json of all the info you can get of the currently selected item. fields should be self-explanatory.

sending emulated pupEvents to Popper


where xxx is a number of the putEvent ID. See list for all pupEvents IDs on bottom of this page.


where xx is the PUPDisplay# to record. 0-top, 1-dmd, 2-BG, 3=playfiled.

it is toggle to start… same event to stop.


xxx is the Popper GameID # to launch. it is launched in NON-record mode.


xxx is the Popper GameID # to launch. it is launched in recording mode.


XXX is the # of the PuPDisplay will return a png or mp4 of the PUPDIsplay # 0=top,1=dmd…etc

v1.4 pupkey events

//functions for menu
fGamePrior   = 1;
fGameNext    = 2;
fListNext    = 3;
fListPrior   = 4;
fPageNext    = 5;
fPagePrior   = 6;
fGameStart   = 7;
fGameMenu    = 8;
fHomeMenu    = 9;
fGameInfo    = 10;
fSystemExit  = 11;
fShutdown    = 12;
fMenuReturn  = 13;
fSelect      = 14;
fEmuExit     = 15;
fSystemMenu   = 16;
fStartRecord    =17;
fShowOther2     = 18;
fInstruct     = 21;
fPlayOnlyMode = 22;
fPauseGame    = 23;
fInGameBatch = 24;

fFavAdd      = 50;
fFavDel      = 51;
fFavAddSystem = 52;
fFavDelSystem = 53;
fPassCode     = 55;
fSystemRestart =56;
fSetRecord     =57;
fShutDownInstant =58;
fRestartInstant =59;
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