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PinUP Popper Front-End Feature List


See it in action: Youtube video by TerryRed:

  • Unlimited Emulators support
  • Unlimited Playlists support
  • Awesome Playlists manager with sub-lists (no limits, go deep)
  • Active (auto-updated) playlists or user defined.
  • Uses SQL query language to auto-update playlists! flexible!
  • System playlists for things like recently played, most played, just added.
  • Keyboard and/or joystick control, directx or xinput
  • Full launch control scripts: tested VPX,FX2,FX3,FP,MAME, others
  • Full ExitGame control (and quick!).
  • Fancy launch method to keep table in-focus (should avoid focus issues)
  • WheelBar is fully customizable, size, # of thumbs to display, transparent
  • WheelBar can auto-hide to allow full view of playfield.
  • WheelBar can be on playfield, or backglass… and supports rotation
  • WheelBar/Menu system is really simple to navigate and control
  • Lots of screen support I think like 6 to 8…project that bat-signal!!!
  • Keep screens ON during gameplay… custom by table or defaulted by EMU.
  • Game INFO screen (png/mp4)
  • Game Help screen (png/mp4)
  • Game Other screen to show 3rd party things like hi-scores.
  • One-button or two press launch game.
  • DOF support
  • SSF yippee… nice to browse and here the flippers via surround
  • Real-DMD support with animated gifs/png support.
  • LCD-DMD support, all features of other displays.
  • Integrated Recording feature to record screens/gameplay media up to 4K!!
  • Supports 4K media and plays them quick!
  • Custom Launch Audio by game and/or emulator
  • Custom Loading Videos by game and/or emulator
  • Easy Theme updates to allow 3rd party ‘skinning’.
  • Flexible javascript plug-in to allow easy/custom configs.
  • Supports Easy Game Data Lookup DB to fill in fields like manufact, year, players..etc
  • Passcode protected playlists (you dirty old man)
  • Add/Remove favourites from front-end (by playlist)
  • Add/Remove favourites from front-end (global)
  • Default Media by emulator, or one Default Media folder global.
  • Attract Mode. Random of any/all tables (except those PASSCODE protected ones ;)
  • FAST!!! Even with 10,000 records, the system is moving along quickly.
  • SQLite database for easy 3rd party access…
  • NO INI or TXT or XML files to touch… all easy to configure via setup program.
  • New! Auto-record all your media in one-session. Yes people have recorded 400+ tables of playfields/backglass IN A ROW and from the comfort of their couches!!
  • Network Game/Config Manager: YES, you can add a new game/table via your desktop, even the media for it, even add to a playlist without touching your PinCab… then walk over and start playing the game!
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