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Network Game Manager Config

You need to know your pin-cabs NETWORK/Computer Name. if you don't know it, or don't know how to change it,then I'd advise not to bother with this as it will be frustrating for beginners.

First get your cab up and running locally… add a few games and make sure it's all good. All paths for media and exes should be local paths to you (c:, d:..ect)

once thats good…let start with network game management!

1> create full share access folder to PinUpSystem on cab

2> create full share access folder to “Visual Pinball” on cab

DO NOT MAP or use any drive letters using this system… I REPEAT NO MAPPING OF DRIVER LETTERS!

OK. so in my world. my cab is named: vpinball

so i have two shares

\\vpinball\Visual Pinball

see no drive letters… UNC naming

let move to our PC

make a shortcut:

so open file explorer…browse NETWORK.. do not use drive letters. do not map.

go into \\vpinball\pinupsystem and right-click on pinupmenusetup.exe (copy)

right-click on your desktop and press (paste SHORTCUT.. Not just “paste”…that will break!)

now go to shortcut properties and add the parameter -network

dbl-click/run new shortcut… setup should come up with no errors….and show you on main screen that its running in 'network mode'.

Setup Default Media Dir on Global Settings;

So in order for a remote PC to know where things 'are located' you need to setup the network shares in config.

so go into config/global DON'T modify the global media path on first tab. you only want to modify on the 'NETWORK' tab. that is where you put your share: for example mine would have:


Setup your emulators for each system (emulators setup):

This is the sample for VPX.. you should understand how to change the others based on it.

again like global settings you ONLY modify/add the NETWORK TAB..

you will need to put the unc share names of the locations on each emulator.

\\vpinball\Visual Pinball\Tables

That's IT:

notes: DO NOT EVER, EVER RUN pinupmenu.exe (the actual menu system via network share). An angel will lose their wings each time you do…

DO not try this on a crappy network/slow usb wi-fi dongle…. it is running the database file across the network… if you were to reboot cab or router you could CORRUPT DB. always make regular DB Backups… its just a button press away.

Workflow example:

So here's the workflow of adding a new game (make sure cab is on…

1> run the network shortcut for PinUP Menu Setup

2> go to games manager/ add new games. You will see two button that SHOULD open up the shares on your cab for you to copy your vpx/b2s/other files.

3> scan for new games and add

4>add to playlists if required.

5>goto mediamanager and add any media from your PC.

6> walk over to cab and play!!!

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