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Popper Media Server

An awesome feature to browse-download media for your PinUP Popper Front-end. Must be using PinUP Popper Setup to grab the shared media.

Note: As of March 30th, 2021, POPMedia will no longer work on older version as the server has changed. You need to use latest beta v1.4.6 files to use new PoPMedia Server.

A huge thanks to all the community artists that share/make their works available for us to use on our Popper Front-end System!!

Make sure you're on the latest version of PinUP system, check here

In Popper Setup you go into Media manager and find the table/playlist you want to check for. Use the different web-icons on each display to check if there is media for that type of pup-display. Red-Circles in the image below:

Once you select the pupdisplay seach a browser window will show like this and attempt to search on the first few characters of the tablename. NOTE: if it doesn't find anything you can change the search string and press enter. So you can easiliy change the search string to “flag” and it will look for that anywhere in the media server.

You can also change the filter result to narrow down your emulator name or even fav author name. so if you put FX or “future” in there it can help narrow many results.

you double click to preview and then download/use when happy. that's all.

Here are some common questions:

you must preview/stream mp4 (videos) before you can download. it will bring up windows default browser usually.

mostly all media is set for the community 'standard' windows landscape. if you use portrait you will most likely need to rotate all downloaded media.

read the folder that media is in, if it says 4K_60fps that means its for 4K systems and 60fps is ONLY for very strong PC's. if you only have 1080p you should stick with HD folders to save system performance in front-end.

you CANNOT download/auto download all media. There's no easy way to match properly and many times you can choose between different versions….DONT RUSH your virtual pinball media setup, preview each files and see which one you prefer.

of course you need to be connected to internet to do the media downloading. but remember if your cab is not on internet, but is on your local lan network, you can use Popper network features to manage cab from desktop.

the media server is not accessible outside of Popper Setup, and the Popper media server is NOT a public server that anyone can upload to. Only selected authors can use the server and you should thank them on social media whenever possible for their time.

btw: IMO, you can download playfields but it is best to use Popper Auto-Record and do all your playfields so that all your POV match the playfield video (makes transistion loading look way better). Also, with auto-record all your playfield videos will be 'same' codec profiles so you wont see 'blinks' and will look more seamless while browsing.

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