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Setting UP Legacy VPX Emulator

Setup to run vp9, vp5...etc

Add a new emulator in Popper Config:

Here's a sample:

For Launch Setup Here are samples

For Launch Start:

START "" "[STARTDIR]Launch\VPXSTARTER.exe" 10 10 60
cd /d "[DIREMU]"
if "[ALTEXE]" == "" (
      START /min "" vpinball995.exe "[DIREMU]" -play "[GAMEFULLNAME]"
) else  (
      START /min "" [ALTEXE].exe "[DIREMU]" -play "[GAMEFULLNAME]"

close script:


Now what you now need to do in gamesmanager you want to set ALTEXE lookups (lookup tab).

You want to put the names of the possible EXEs that will launch the vpts (note: DO NOT PUT .exe in altname)

default will be: vpinball995

you can add for example: VPinball99_PhysMod5

and then once the games are added in GamesDB then modify the vpt game ALTEXE field to be what EXE you'd like to launch the vpt with.

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