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Hardware Config & Setup

DOF Configuration

Make sure DOF is fully working in your VPX and others.

In Popper Setup go to Global Settings/Script and press the Modify System Options:

Then look for useDOF and change to true.

var useDOF = true;

make sure its all lowercase!


if you get an error “cannot create activeX”. Then you probalby have a very old version of DOF that needs to be upgraded. Also, check the following: find where your dof files are… probably in directoutput folder somewhere… and right-click run-as-admin on a program that's called registerdirectcomobject.exe. see if dof works afterwards. just need to do that once

“I did all the above, DOF works in vpx but still won't work in Popper…” try reading this page about DOF:

Also run the PopperDoctor.exe to help troubleshoot.

dof files:

troubleshooting: you must run PopperDoctor to test the com interface to DOF. Just because DOF works in vpx/fp fine doens't mean the DOF comobject for DOF works (this is part of DOF setup not Popper). Popper uses the DOF comobject to interface with DOF, if it worked before and now it doesn't there's really only two things that could go wrong. 1> Anti-Virus removed files (check AV log) 2> Security blocks Popper from accessing the DOF com object (try lowering/changing your UAC).

Many have noticed that DOF works fine if running PinUP Popper as normal user and now fails if running as-admin. This is a windows security issue, but the best solution is NOW it is suggested to turn off-admin mode on ALL exes on your cab. So remove run-as-admin on everything from Popper, FPLoader, VPX or any other emulators. That should fix most security problems. Remember to turn off DOFLinx 'run as admin' if you are using it as well (latest DofLinx versions works as normal user too).

Still having problems with DOF?

The way DOF was installed or registered could be the problem. Check out this link for a possible solution:

Was DOF working and you tried to upgrade your system to VPIN-64Bit and now DOF doesn't work in Popper or Future Pinball?

Try this solution:

Changing Effects and Customize your DOF Effects by Game

see here: Custom DOF events

REAL-DMD Hardware (PinUP Player PuPDMD)

OUTDATED INFO: disregard this section if you are using Popper v1.4.6 or newer:

In the latest PinUP Player versions it now supports Real DMDs for the PuPDMD video displays that original table authors are making. You do not need Popper to use the PuPDMD real-mirroring feature.

Make sure you are using the lastest PuPDMDControl files from here:

unblock the zip and unzip the contents into your VPINMAME root folder. Also, its always safe to re-run the “PUPDMDControl_Register.bat” file as admin after updating the files.

REAL-DMD Hardware (PinUP Popper Configuration)

Same location above with DOF setup, but you want to find and change this. If you are using a LCD for your DMD then do NOT set to true.

var useDMD = true;

make sure its all lowercase!

starting in v1.4, you can have full videos and images on your real-dmd. see install video:

If you are having problems, run PopperDoctor.exe to help troubleshoot.

Update: Aug/2020. Some have reported issues with pupdmdcontrol.exe crashing with a .net error in the windows event log. Their solution has been to run “windows .net repair tool”.

Update Aug/2023: Some users have reported issues with windows update (not everyone with this update has issues). KB5011048 (.net update) on Windows 10 seems to break the TestDMD feature in the baller installer. Installed a clean Windows 10, no updates then the testDMD button works. After updating Windows the testDMD doesn't work anymore. A popup 'remote procedure call failed' is shown. In the event viewer you can see a crash when pupDMDcontroller (vpinmame directory) is launched, having a conflict with clr.dll (.net 4.8). Uninstalling KB5011048 fixes it.

Full HD LCD DMD 16:9 (FULLDMD) Config

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