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Popper Voice Control v1.4 (no longer working)

As of Sept 2022: Google has removed(or not allowed) IFTTT link to work anymore with their API. That was needed for Popper Voice to work well. So many 3rd party apps that used IFTTT/google voice no longer work and there hasn't been any workarounds to date.

Well this stinks...

Seems Popper's Voice Control feature will no longer work next month because of this IFTTT/google change.
Don't see any other service that will allow google voice integration like what IFTTT offered.

Starting in v1.4 Popper has integrated google assistant to control some function on your virtual pinball machine.

In the upgrade/install zip you will find the googlehelp text file that will help you get up and running.

Note: PinUPGoogleHome.exe settings are available through the system tray icon after it is run.

Follow this video along with text file:

note that IFTTT has changed a little since video. the easy method to create a new applet is to use the menu here:

Update October 2020

IFTTT has now gone to a paid model, but allows 3 free applets in its free-version. Popper Voice now can be setup to only use ONE applet and it will parse the one phrase from IFTTT.

Here's the sample of setting up just ONE applet for IFTTT.

sample body:

when following the video you only need to setup ONE applet like this:

Process:  {"data":[{"action":"process","what":"{{TextField}}"}]}

then in config of pinupgooglehome.exe you setup your phrases for the different popper actions...

You will need a new PinUPGOOGLEHOME.exe and run it and configure the phrase matches if you'd like. REMEMBER TO UNBLOCK ZIP!

a good log message will look like this:

See Terry example usage:

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