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Video Recording

Because vpx 10.8 uses more low-level gpu drivers it cannot record via the past older default methods (v1.4.6 Popper). To support vpx 10.8 +and other emulators like FP we now need to use FFMPEG with GPU(lower level) recording methods.

Technical Note: Popper's uses 3rd party tools for all of its recording features, which means all Popper does when you ask it to record is run 'recordstart.bat' and 'recordstop.bat' in the recordings subfolder. Paramaters are passed to the bat files for them to process the recordings.

New for Popper v1.5 watch this video to get familiar with how best to do your recordings today:

note in this video you can skip the part where he modifes the operatoredit menu for extra bat files as that is optional.

Auto-Record All tables/Games:

Awesome utility that can scan/find missing media and batch all recordings for you while you sit back on the couch… Fully automated with launch each game, recode each/any display as needed and close game and more onto next game.

Watch youtube video in above section to see an example of how to record all missing media!

You should ONLY run this after you have tested and recorded each display manually in Popper to make sure your recording is setup correctly.

Exit Popper Menu and launch the PopperAutoRecord.exe. Should be straightforward, you select which displays to you want to record and how. and then select the emulator, and then press SCAN.

The list will show you all games/tables and which displays it will record.

You can hilight a table and press the delete button. you can hold-shift down and arrow move to select many. or ctrl-click to select many to delete.

while its running you may wish to cancel the batch recording. go to your desktop and browse to your pinupsystem\recordings folder and you will find a StopAutoRecording.bat. Run it and the batch will stop after it finished the current table/game.


DO not try auto-recording until you can do all 3-4 PuP-Screens manually. that way you know your Popper config is working correctly.

You may notice things like a bg recording on your playfield or vice versa. This is just an indication that Popper was unable to record the screen and used the last known good recording.

Most common errors are having PuP-Displays with negative windows positions, or PuP-Displays that are larger than a windows screen. FFMPEG will fail with an error like 'record window outside windows screen'….

to troubleshoot:

Do a manual recording of a bg/topper and look at the 3 log files in pinupsystem/recording subfolder. you should be able to determine what causing it. most likely you have invalid pupdisplay screen co-ordinates (like negative, or width wider than screen…ffmpeg doens’t like that).

NB: very common if you forget to put exception in your anti-virus for PinUpSystem(and subfolders) that some of the background exes during recording get removed….check the log files for messages like 'file not found'

other items to try:

  • in recordings subfolder, delete the file “recording.txt” if it exists.
  • in recordings subfolder, remove any output.mp4, output.mkv files if they exist
  • ensure you have a pupcloser.exe file in the recording folder, if not they its your anti-virus that 'ate' it… common
  • again. if you need to ask for support, include the LOG files from recording sub-folder. It solves 99% of issues.

Common issues with Recording with v1.5 Popper.

“When i record my playfield it records my backglass(or other) screen”

FFMPEG recording of playfield uses GPU recording which can only happen on the PRIMARY display in windows. You must have your playfield set as PRIMARY.

“My playfield 4K videos won't play in Popper, it only shows a few frames and freezes videos”

This is an issue with AMD drivers on certain models (5700xt/6800xt). some AMD systems with 5000/6000 seriers have that recording issue. BUT, good news is that i found a workaround with ffmpeg parameters. if you are on v15 update then use this zip file and overwite the files within recordings sub-folder. :

“my playfield is 'flipper' or mirrored'… worked fine in v1.4.6”

If you have your TV/monitor physically reversed in your cabinet and use windows OS to flip your screen. This will cause GPU recording to bypass that, and GPU recording will happen before the OS 'flips' the display. You will need to modify your recordstop.bat file to have ffmpeg rotate your vidoes to your OS flipping method. See google /ffmpeg command line parameters to rotate based on your windows OS settings.

“something is not working”.

after a manual recording, look at the many LOG files in the recordings sub-folder to see if they report any errors. Sometimes having older nvidia drivers can make GPU recording fail. If you have NVIDIA you can try setting recordstart.bat to NOT use nvidia in the top settings of file.

“it use to work fine in v1.4.6 but nothing works in v.1.5”

you can use your old recordstart.bat and recordstop.bat from v1.4 as they are backwards compatible. BUT, using your old files will not allow you to record new 10.8 GL or FP in exclusive mode.

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