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Setup Zaccaria

Updated games file here:

  1. Ensure Zaccaria is running in windowed mode.
  2. Setup your cabinet settings and screens, including using the stretch option for the backglass monitor.- Open up pinupmenusetup.exe and create a new emulator with the values below. Set path to match your system, where you have steam and Zaccaria installed.
  3. Emulator setup - if you don't have it already

4. Enter your Start Script:

Run [STARTDIR]Launch\VPXSTARTER.exe 10 10 5 Zaccaria_Pinball
Run [DIREMU]\steam.exe -applaunch 444930 -rotate right -skipmenu "[GAMENAME]"
Sleep, 12000
Run [STARTDIR]Launch\PopperKeepFocus.exe 3 0 Zaccaria_Pinball
Sleep, 300
Send {Enter down}
Sleep, 200
Send {Enter up}
Sleep, 300
Send {Enter down}
Sleep, 200
Send {Enter up}

5. Close Script:


6. Open Game Manger, select your newly created emulator and import the included .pupgames file by right clicking the empty space where game names are typically placed. This will populate all of the games that Zaccaria has to this point. If you don't own the game, delete these games from the list or purchase them.


1. If you have issues just start Zaccaria, check your paths in pinup and ensure it matches where you have Steam and Zaccaria installed.

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