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How to import and use a puplookup.csv DataBase file

The ‘puplookup.csv’ is a DataBase (DB), which is filled with data, that you normally would have to type in yourself in the fields of the ‘All Games’section of the Game Manager.

Data like for example: TableName, Manufacturer, Release Year, Game Type, etc.

This DataBase file will help you automatically fill in the fields by just doing some simple mouse clicks (or typing in a few keywords).

That sounds pretty handy, right?

Before we start with the instructions, there’s one thing you need to do before hand:

A. Backing up your (current) DB

1. Start 'PinUP Popper Config'.
2. Go to the 'Popper Setup' tab ( 1 ).
3. Click on the 'Backup DB' button ( 2 ).

4. Confirm with ‘Yes’ in the Popup Window that opens:

5. Now Close Pinup Popper Config by clicking ‘Exit Setup’.

B. How to use a downloaded puplookup.csv file

Create a the latest puplookup.csv from this website:

There is a “CSV Export” Button on main screen. The filename must be puplookup.csv

1. First make a Backup of your current Database, as explained in 4.A.
2. Copy the above 'puplookup.csv' into the root of your ‘PinUPSystem’ folder on your hard drive (Your Hard drive:\PinUPSystem\ ).
4. Start 'PinUP Popper Config'.
5. go to the 'Popper Setup' tab ( 1 ).
6. Click on ‘DB Editor (advanced)’ ( 2 ).

7. There click on 'Import Lookup' button.
8. Confirm with ‘Yes’ in the Popup Window that opens.

*Now the importing process starts* Note This can take a while and it may seem that PinUP Popper is frozen or reacting, but don’t worry it's still working. Give it some time.

When done, you should see an amount of numbers on the ‘Import Lookup’ and a message that the importing is complete.

9. Now click the ‘Close Form’ button to close the ‘DB Editor (advanced)’ screen.

C. Using the Import function

A. Click on the 'Game Manager' tab ( 1 ).

B. Click on the 'Games Manager' button ( 2 ) and you'll go to the 'All Games' screen, which should have all your games in it.

Note I’ll use an example for the next few steps, but you can try it on any game you want. Do take into account that whether a game and data is available depends on which ‘puplookup.csv’ you have downloaded. Some don’t have all games or data fields included.

Example: Editing ‘The Addams Family (Bally 1992).vpx’ using ‘import’.

Take a second to watch the picture.

The steps in the next page will make more sense after that.

C.In you Gamelist ( 1 )select the game that you want edit or use the import function on.

Note You can use the ‘Search Game’ ( 2 ) function to find a game in your game list quickly before doing step C.

Also Notice how the most of the fields on the right ( 3 ) aren’t filled in yet.

D. After selecting a game, click either the 'import' button ( 4 ) or double click the GameDisplay game. The following screen will now open:

In most cases the table should already be shown in the list ( 1 ). If this correct you can double click it and you will go back to ‘All Games’ screen.

Note If your game is not shown in the lis or the list is empty, you can try typing in (parts) of the Game Name in the ‘Search Game String’ ( 2 ) and click on the ‘lookup’ ( 3 ) button to show results.

Notice there’s an ‘Overwrite Game Name on import ‘ option ( 4 ) on the bottom of the screen. Enabling this will change the Game Name in 'All Games' screen to the name that’s shown here in the 'Importdata' screen.

F. Now you're back in the 'All Games' window. Notice that several fields ( 1 ) on the right will have data in them?

G. Remember to always click the 'Save' button ( 2 ) before exiting or else all the data fields will remain empty next time you go here.
H. When you’re done editing your games using import, click the ‘Close’ button ( 3 ).

Repeat Steps 4.C - G for all your games.

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