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Upgrading PinUP System to use the new FreezyDLL v1.7.1 (DMDExt 1.7.1)

======================= Freezy 1.80 now available =======================

DMDExt 1.7.1 is now released! EVERYONE PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BELOW! You need to make changes to dmdext launch commands and dmddevice.ini for Pinup Player, and possibly other changes. Very easy to do!

For Freezy DMDext 1.7.1…. EVERYONE absolutely NEEDS to upgrade. This is the answer to everyone's prayers! First, we FULL colour support for virtual and real DMD users! (It look excellent on virtual now). Second, now real DMD and virtual users ALL use the same DLL, and so does PinUP System (Popper and Player)! There is no more worrying about installing the correct DLL with Pinup System installs,etc….as it's now part of this new dmddevice.DLL that EVERYONE will use!!!

1.7.1 changes:

Don't crash when PinUP enabled but no DLL found

Don't crash when outputting to video file with weird resolution

Don't crash when serial port disconnects

Note: With Freezy dmdext 1.73 files or higher The next 2 items not needed

May need to run dmdext as Administrator for Pinball FX3 in order to gain access to FX3's memory by default. You can fall back to the previous grabber by using the –fx3-legacy flag and not Run as Admin.

1.7 changes:

Added VNI coloring support with help from @luck01 and @djrobx (#102)
Added coloring support for other resolutions (192×64)
Added support for XDMD and thus UltraDMD
Added support for TPA's cabinet build
PinUP support is now built-in. However note that you'll still need dmddevicePUP.dll installed. Also, the syntax changed, instead of -o PINUP, use the new –pinup option (#104).

Download from Here: There is a ton of information for you to soak up
New options: Drake the DMD Then Right click for Menu and Always display Grip on hover. (Arrow bottom right corner for changing size) Really handy if you constantly have to change Location and/or size
NOTE: When you make changes in The DMDdevice.INI file you must restart VP In order for the changes to take Effect

Note: 1.7.2 has bugs in dmdext that won't support color roms.


First: install the new Freezy dmdext 1.7 files or higher (x86- 32 bit ONLY!!!) into your VPinMAME folder. Make sure you delete, or copy over any other versions of dmddevice.dll that you have elsewhere on your system! Also, if you have a file called Libdmd.DLL in your VPinMAME, you need to delete that file, or dmdext will crash!

Two important changes that needs to be done with Popper and PuP for everyone who upgrades….
================= Even With Freezy 1.80 You Need To Check These Settings =================

For VPX, you need to change the dmddevice.ini

The [video] section should now be disabled (it was enabled for PinUP before). It should look like this:

; if enabled, writes frames to an .avi file
enabled =false
; path to folder or .avi file. if folder, gamename.avi is used.

Now you add a new section for Pinup Player's PuPCapture:


Also, if you have a DmdDevice.log.config file, you need to edit that file and make sure that if the <rules> section looks like this:

<logger name="" minlevel="Trace" writeTo="console" />
<logger name="" minlevel="Trace" writeTo="file" />

…it needs to be changed to:

<logger name="" minlevel="warn" writeTo="console" />
<logger name="" minlevel="warn" writeTo="file" />

Same with the dmdextlog.config. The <rules> section should look like:

<logger name="*" minlevel=""warn" writeTo="console" />

This is to disable logging for when colouring is being used. Apparently it can cause performance issues for some people. It's only needed for those who are colouri modding DMDs and are troubleshooting.

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