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PinUP Player pupB2S Plugin Update

if you installed your PinUP System/Player prior to April 20th 2019 then you can update to this updated PUPB2S Plugin.

The changes to it should help it close out in case of a bad b2s/ultradmd/freezy 'unclean' vpx exit.

It will also help PuPAuthors work on puppacks inside the vpx editor as it will auto-close between runs in the editor.

download file here:

These DLLs goes to your B2S plugins folder, usually c:\visual pinball\tables\plugins\pinUPPlayerb2sDriver.

Just overwrite files ..(BUT one thing to note). If you want to keep a backup of the files you are overwritting do NOT rename or backup the old DLL files anywhere within the B2S plugins sub-folder. cut/paste the old DLLS into another temp folder completely.

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