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ARCHIVE! PinUP System v1.3 Change log


NOTE: All Links to Download are located BELOW the Version Update Title!!!

Important. usually windows will now BLOCK all dll/exes within zip files you download via web. After downloading a zip from here right-click on the zip file BEFORE unzipping and select UNBLOCK. This will unblock all files within zip. You can also use the free 7zip program to unzip as that will not enfore the windows BLOCK as well (it seems).

Usually just unzip into PinUPSystem root: see instructions.

Update types/levels: minor-easy / standard / important / major

Version 1.4 Upgrade NOW Available!!

You will need v1.3.6 or newer setup and fully working before you can apply the v1.4 upgrade.

See here:|

1.3.7 update (Sept 19, 2018)

special small-one-file-update for TF pup-pack to support PuP-Tracks for better audio. You need full v1.3.6 already up and running before copying this file.

Version 1.3.6 (Sept 7, 2018)

if updating from v1.3.4 or v1.3.5 then use this:
if updating from v1.3.3 or prior version and want to grab all the updates in one file scroll to bottom of this page…

Update type: standard with an update to VPINMame PUPCapture DLL.

Instructions: Just update/overwrite files in PinUPSystem Folder, NOTE: there is an update to PuPcapture DLL (dmddevicePUP.dll) that needs to be overwritten into your vpinmame folder. Inside this update zip is another ZIP file called VPINMAME_PUPCAP_xxxx. Unzip that file into your vpinmame folder.

New or Improved:

Improved: allow special characters in gamename
PuPDisplay: Increase volume of SSF playing….
PuPDisplay: support for multiple media help/info displays…
MediaManger: support ‘right-click’ paste file as well as drag/drop for a media file.
Fix: center of ‘select wheelimage’ to use the spacing between values to center better…
GameManager: delete game will also delete all links to playlist.(confirm dialog)
GameManager: added a media button to bring up media manager directly from game setup.
Gamemanager: new feature PrOPPER file renaming. Will rename all files (media/vpx/directb2s..others) to the spreadsheet ‘standard’ xxx (manuf year) format.
Curved (radial) WheelBar option!! New Custom option: WheelArc=20 (default 0=none) will draw the wheelbar wheels in an ‘arc’. 20=20%, larger # will increase the arc of wheel display. Note you probably will need to make your “Game Select” pupdisplay a lot bigger if you use this feature. Remember your wheelbar background png will autoscale so you will need to adjust new wheelbars as well if using this feature.
Playlists: you can move/sort manually in playlist config. (click and drag playlist in tree). remember to right-click save order to keep new order (on playlist tree).
PlayLists: visible flag in settings (can hide/show playlist in front end).
Added emulator Descript for active sql lists so no extra join needed to setup.
Info/Help. Huge change to how it works. Support for multiple media pages/files with ability to use Game next/prior keys to browse. You must put order or images like: elvis.png, elvis1.png, elvis2.png (it alpha sorts all media files found in info folder).
Info/Help. Will mute all displays when showing in case of training videos for help screens.
Info/Help. Will disable attract mode if watching a long video in help.
GameManager: tab order of fields
Search field (enter key) will reset/start search. Press a few keys and press enter. (for GameManager and Media Manager and LookUp).
PuP: Added volume up to 200 for pupevents.
PuP: Added events to use default playlistvolume if -1 (or blank)
PuP: added PlayAction Skip if same priority
PuP: added config displays button in pack editor.
PuPCapture: added ExactColorMatch.txt option for v1.7.1 captures with faint pixels.
PuPCapture: increase maximum # of caps allowed (500).
Added Dux Retros puplookup.csv file to zip/update. Thanks to Dux Retro on his work on the Popper Lookup List!

Version 1.3.4 (June 1, 2018)

if updating from v1.3.3 then use this:
if updating from v1.3.2 or prior version and want to grab all the updates in one file scroll to bottom of this page…

Update type: standard

Instructions: Just update/overwrite files in PinUPSystem Folder, no other changes required.

New or Improved:

GameManager: drag/drop game on filename field to rename/update. (with backup). Also works if you drag a b2s file or other file with different extension… will rename those files to exact table/game name but keep the original extension.
GameManager: update button to open explorer of game/table folder.
Setup: maximize windows and lists grow.
More ‘keypress’ find on dbgrids. First letter match
Smooth Menu Scrolling: Also custom option: WheelAniTimeMS=300 (1000=1 second). Wheel animation between tables in milliseconds.
NEW: Info/help/other screens during gameplay!. Default off.. ShowInfoInGame=1/0 allows info/help screens to popup during gameplay. Default is off.
NEW Info/Help Screens: now have to press the same info/help button to close instead of any key. But can turn this feature on with PopUPHideAnykey=1/0 default off(0).
PinUP Player framework updates and features for table authors.
PupScript ability to grab all json of gameitem
PuPServer.. WIP… more features…support for mini-games future feature.
PlayOnlyMode: mode that will only allow playing (not add favs,system menu..etc) currently toggle via PopperRemote.(new pupfunction 22).
EmuExitCount custom option. # of presses to exit-emu key. Default 1
WheelTopX=0 default. If you make your ‘game select’ screen huge. This will offset the normal centering of the wheelbar by x pixels.
RapidFireCount=6 # of presses before sound on presses will mute. Default 6
Pass playlist count to scripting….
Easy Startup support!!! Make a playlist called ‘StartUP’ (off root) and go to Media Manager/Playlist startup and add/modify all media for Startup Playlist. Will auto-start on that playlist…on button press it will show home-list… (startup folder is never visible in FE).
Added support for Popper-Media Packs for playlists.
Popper Auto-record, checks for windows 7 and saves last settings.

lots of custom options added as well. See custom options page for more info.



Version 1.3.3 (May 4, 2018)

Update type: standard

Instructions: YOU MUST BE ON v1.3.2 already to apply this update (file links below). Also note, this update will OVERWRITE your PuPMenuScript.PUP file so make a backup of it before overwriting it.. You will need to set your useDOF, useDMD on top of script again. Also, you'll notice on top you can set display to -1 to hide labels easier. If you have custom label positions you'll need to copy/paste from old script file to this one. To apply update, just unzip into your pinupsystem folder.

New or Improved:

Wheelbar.. Hides on loading…for entire loading
Launcher: added support for new 10.5beta msg for faster vpx loading
Closer: sendmessage to close instead of postmessage…should help with 'frozen' emus
Menu: allow HomeList to be active/sql
Default is to return to SAME GAME now, theres an option if you'd like the old 'next' game method.
Setup: added Version# field to games manager
Setup: Playlists, don’t allow removal of parent lists.
PupMenuScript.pup: redesigned layout,more error checking, all custom vars(like useDOF, useDMD,useWEB) on very top of script now.
Allow Exit Emulator key to be used with any other event inside menu.
some general speed/error checking in menu additions.
Changed behavior of game return dmd/dof init….With added delayreturn option to ‘holdup’ after game return to call init hardware, need to use this if your system has issues re-initing hardware if vpx is 'holding' up the hardware during closing.
NEW: Custom Options, will allow you to tweak settings. See here for Custom Options.
WheelBar-clipping Region: Sets a clipping region for wheelmenu drawing so backgrounds can go 'around' wheelmenu.
Options to disable the system favourites.. if you'd like more control. See Custom Options.
BIG!!! NEW!!! Added support for web-remote control Separate ZIP file as its a WIP. See here for install.


Fix: Attract Mode A/V on certain random games in active playlists. If running attract mode for a long time, you may see a Access Violation randomly if a certain game from Active Playlist was used. fixed.

Version 1.3.2 (April 22,2018)

Update type: standard

Instructions: Just overwrite files, note this will overwrite your recordstart/stop bat files as well. If you are planning on using Nvidia ShadowPlay or OBS to record 4K playfields, then You WILL need to edit recordstart.bat. If you have a 1080p playfield, then the default is good, no changes required.

New or Improved:

Setup: Added custom wheelbar in MediaManager!! In MediaManager, select ‘playlists’ and you will see a wheelbar panel…. Drag your tooblar there!, you can put on HOME playlist here to set as your default too.

Menu: Added new handling of Auto-Record messages for batch recording.

Menu: Added load of wheelbar by playlists support.

NEW PROG!! PopperAutoRecord.exe… wooohooo…..


ActivePlaylist and some emu defaults on first run, ok on 2nd run.

Version 1.3.1 (April 18,2018)

Update type: minor-easy

Instructions: Just update files, no other changes required.

New or Improved:

Network mode: support clearing/resetting thumbs.

Added log files for recordstart/stop in recordings folder. Help troubleshooting

GamesManager: Added feature to import any/more fields from lookup (future).

GamesManager: dbl-click on databasegrid will bring to lookup…for now.


Don’t initialize joystick driver if set to keyboard only for Controller Config.

Swap labels for manufact/tags in GameManger

Playsound.exe What is a bug that just got fixed? (jeopardy song sometimes didn’t stop :)

DirectX Joystick button#0 support.

Version 1.3.0 (April 14,2018)

Initial release.

====================END OF LOG =============

All Updates/Latest Versions

Its easier to always keep up to date by installing the individual versions updates as they are released. But if you just installed Popper or want to grab all the latest files use this. Note: Read the entire log and see all the changes that are available. There are files like your pupMenuScript.pup file and recordstart.bat file that will get overwritten and others. Keep a backup of your files incase you need to grab custom stuff/changes from them.

Make sure you backup your PinUpSystem folder (not any media from PoPMedia or PuPVidoes folder).

Make backup of your DB always before updates.

Here is zip file with all updates in one package. Read notes from above to see how it will affect your config.

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