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Fixes needed for some V1.4 starting DBs.

If you were on v1.3.x and upgraded to v1.4 then this page is NOT for you.

This is to fix some common items from people who did a fresh starting/install v1.4 Database Files.

1> if you're noticing your VPX isn't closing then go to emulator settings for vpx and change the close script like this:


NOTICE that your install db may have “Visual Pinball PLAYER”…. remove the PLAYER so its just “Visual Pinball”

2> if your recordings seem to work but don't appear on the front-end. Then do the following:

go to Global Settings and make sure your “default media directory” has full path like this:


and your emulators like VPX have Medir Dir set to full path like this: (or where you installed Popper)

C:\PinUPSystem\POPMedia\Visual Pinball X
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