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International Language

Although, most of PinUP system is in English. There is not many strings that are used in Popper Frontend, so it wouldn't be that difficult to change them to your local language.

First step is to change all the text in this file:

PuPMenuScriptSysLanguage.txt (root of pinup)

If you do change the language, please share the script to allow others to use. Thanks.

If you find other items that are not translated to can do the following as well:

To change FrontEnd text, you will need to first grab all the text you want to convert and write it down (case sensitive).

Then modify pupmenuscript.pup file (root of pinupsystem). look for function called “MenuUpdate(pMsg)”.

You will need to add a line for each translated text. Not perfect but it should work fine. See sample below for the two example lines “Most Player”… you need to make sure put those lines before updatelabels(js);

Heres a sample I did with two strings I wanted to convert.

Note: this is ONLY for the Popper FrontEnd text labels. One day I'll allow setup to support multiple langauges.

MAKE A BACKUP of your pupmenuscript.pup file before making chanages…..enjoy.

function MenuUpdate(pMsg) {
    try {
    var js = eval('obj = ' + pMsg);
    } catch(e) {return;}
    //set Labels

    if (js.GameDisplay=="Most Played") { js.GameDisplay="Mucho Playato"; }
    if (js.GameDisplay=="Game Details") { js.GameDisplay="Details Du Game"; }


    if (useDOF && DOFStatus) { ProcessDOF(js);}

    if (useDMD && DMDStatus) { ProcessDMD(js);}

    if (useWEB && WEBStatus) {PuPWebServer.MenuUpdate(pMsg);}

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