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Customizing DOF Events In Popper

By default, PinUP Popper will use effects E900-E990 from your “PinUP Menu” dof online config tool. You can force it to be a certain effect by game by setting the DOF command on a certain Table/Game if you want.

New in v1.4.6 (and baller installer) the random DOF events go from 900-990. For older installs you will need to change the range manually in Poppers Script File as it only went to 920 before. Follow the instructions below;

file explorer to pinupsystem folder
make a backup of file:  PuPMenuScript.PUP
load PuPMenuScript.PUP in text editor
search for word 'random' without quotes.
change the number 20 to 90 in both spots on this line.  should look like this
  if (eMsg=='') { rNum=Math.floor((Math.random() * 90) + 1)+900;   //90 is the random high #
Save file.

See Video Here for list of default MXLeds effects:

Here's some youtube videos by users that have customized their DOF to their liking for even more effects!!!

You can also change DOF by the events in PinUp Menu Browsing events. These are different than mxleds by Game above. Here's the list of E800-E822 Events you can customize on your DOF config profile. In DOFConfigTool online the popper profile is named “pinupmenu”.

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