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Helping with Focus Issues

All front-ends have to deal with trying make a 'nice' launch for an emulator and keeping the emulator in keyboard focus.

Due to windows secruity (malware). Windows prevents an app from moving or forcing a certain window because malware could abuse that.

So certain different 'tricks' are found… most work, some don't for all emulators.

This method here should be done as a last attempt if the other 'normal' tricks don't work.

first, if you don't have Popper v1.4.1 or newer, grab the latest vpxstarter.exe here and place/overwrite in the LAUNCH sub-folder of pinupsystem.

for VPX sample, change your vpxstarter in launch script like this:

START "" "[STARTDIR]Launch\VPXSTARTER.exe" 30 10 60 "Visual Pinball Player" 3 0 5

you can increase the 3 value up to 10 or more if it still doesn't help.

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