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Current Beta Releases

For any PinUP Popper 'experts' that want to test out some of the latest features/functions Im working on.

FYI. It seems the POPMEDIA service on vpinball will no longer be activated again… You will need to update to latest files to use my new server for popmedia. if you have installed baller you only need to grab pinupmenusetup.exe from the zip file (unblock before unzipping) into your pinupsystem folder, otherwise you'll need to fully upgrade to v1.4.6.

These are BETA files and will be updated more frequently than the stable/current versions out there.

Notes: Don't assume beta files suddenly make your car not start :) ! What i mean is that I've seen it all before…. People decide to update PinUP and they think “hey, while im updating PinUP, I'll also update my Windows OS, my vpinmame, my vpx version, some tables, and doflinx….” and then they run PinUP beta and say “EVERYTHING is SCREWY with the BETA!!!”. Do yourself a favour…. ONLY update PinUP beta stuff WITHOUT all the other non-pinup related stuff…. also, rollback the exes to see you can replicate any issue in prior version first!

Here's the current beta files for v1.4.6

for PinUP Player Only:

for PinUP Popper and Player:

for those on Baller or v1.4.6 beta files already :

for those currently upgrading from v1.4.5 to v1.4.6 :

Operator Menu is included in this one, so you will need to setup the controller setup to bring it up. Note: if you select/start recording from Operator menu in game, pressing the Op MENU key again will stop recording.

if you want to try the POV custom launch script download this and use readme.txt in root of zip:

make regular backups of the files that are overwritten. You can roll back easily as there's nothing that should 'break' backward compatibilty.

whats new:


  • Player: Added .ISPlaying to interface to get status of players via table script (default off).
  • Player: Added z-order (send to top/back) for Labels/Images via table script.
  • Player: Added delay all msgs to pup command (useful for end of ball sequence)
  • Player: Added delay to PuPPackEditor/PuPPacks. Use negative rests (-2500 = delay 2.5 seconds)
  • Popper: AttractJukeBoxScreen=3 (changes the behaviour of attract mode, will goto next in playlist. Once done it will then load into another random playlist. Good for video jukebox feature. (default off, the # is the pupdisplay# to use to monitor when media is done to advance in list).
  • Popper: HUGE: full-alpha for wheels and wheelbar pngs. This will allow the ability to have your wheelbar backgrounds to support alpha-shadows to look super duper awesome.
  • Popper: HUGE: Popper Batch Auto Record is now easily accessible via media manager form and can now work OVER NETWORK configs. Yes, you can now organize and control a complete batch record without touching your running vpin….this is a must for network config users!!
  • Popper: Add new games. Rewrote the Selection Grid for easier selection of multiple games, also faster scanning.
  • Popper: Media Manager. redesigned/worked the listbox that will display only matching/working media when you select a pup-display.
  • Popper: Media Manager: Huge! Now in media list, you can CONVERT a single media file at a time based on configurable ffmpeg scripts. Scripts are located in Recordings sub-folder and you can add as many as you need/want.
  • Popper: Added some more ‘checks’ to warn you if something isn’t setup fully.
  • Popper: Easier Volume control: “Game Volume” Field on Game Manager has been changed to a %, so if you are using that volume field on a individual game you will need to adjust accordingly. This will allow you for example, launch a game at 80% of current PC level. Popper will auto return volume to pre-game settings on return.
  • Player: Drop shadows and Outlines for FONT now supported!! bling-bling….
  • Playlist manager. Add to global favs as well as local Playlist fav
  • Launch script: added [playlistid] value so you can do things based on current playlistid.
  • AHK script support: if launch/close script starts with “;AHK” the Popper Script will be treated as an autohotkey script. (advanced, if you don’t know what AHK is…you wont use this )
  • Many other added small tweaks/visual UI stuffs.
  • General tweaks to enhance performance and/or more error trapping to avoid error dialog boxes.
  • New POPMedia Server
  • New Animated PNGS/GIF SUPPORT!! (APNG are preferred).
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