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Current Beta Releases

For any PinUP Popper 'experts' that want to test out some of the latest features/functions Im working on.

FYI. It seems the POPMEDIA service on vpinball will no longer be activated again… You will need to update to latest files to use my new server for popmedia. if you have installed baller you only need to grab pinupmenusetup.exe from the zip file (unblock before unzipping) into your pinupsystem folder, otherwise you'll need to fully upgrade to v1.4.6.

These are BETA files and will be updated more frequently than the stable/current versions out there.

Notes: Don't assume beta files suddenly make your car not start :) ! What i mean is that I've seen it all before…. People decide to update PinUP and they think “hey, while im updating PinUP, I'll also update my Windows OS, my vpinmame, my vpx version, some tables, and doflinx….” and then they run PinUP beta and say “EVERYTHING is SCREWY with the BETA!!!”. Do yourself a favour…. ONLY update PinUP beta stuff WITHOUT all the other non-pinup related stuff…. also, rollback the exes to see you can replicate any issue in prior version first!

Currently no beta files/updates are available:

If you're looking for v1.4.6 it is NOW RELEASED!!! See here:

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