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B2S backglass custom dimension and By Location

The information on this page is not directly related to PinUP. It will allow you to precisely control the location, size and aspect ratio of B2S backglasses managed by the B2SBackGlassServer program. You'll be able to define B2S display settings globally or on a per table basis.

Latest BackGlass Server -

Size and location of the B2S backglass

Size and locations of the B2S display are defined in the file “ScreenRes.txt”, found in your VPX “Tables” folder. This is a text file, with one value per line, with the following meaning:

1Playfield screen X resolution (width)3840
2Playfield screen Y resolution (height)2160
3Backglass screen X resolution (width)1920
4Backglass screen Y resolution (height)1080
5Display index for the Playfield (Normally left at 1)
Instead of #1 You may need to use windows Playfield ID Number
6x position for the backglass relative to the upper left corner of the Playfield screen3840
7y position for the backglass on the selected display (Normally left at 0)0
8Width of the DMD area in pixels - For 3 screen setup1280
9Height of the DMD area in pixels - For 3 screen setup320
10X position of the DMD area relative to the upper left corner of the backglass screen - For 3 screen setup1920
11Y position of the DMD area relative to the upper left corner of the backglass screen - For 3 screen setup5
12Y-flip, flips the LED display upside down0
13x pos Small display (Small Button Option) Relative upper left corner of Playfield4090
14y pos Small display (Small Button Option) Relative upper left corner of Playfield 0
15width of the small display (Small Button Option) 1420
16height of the small display (Small Button Option) 1080
17C:\path\Frame (The path to the location where you have the frame image)my_bezel_for_EM.png

Warning: “B2S_SetUp.exe” can be used to edit this file, but the current version handles only the 12 first lines! So it's better to edit the file with a text editor. Also, if some options appear to not have effect on your display (especially lines 13 to 17) make sure you use the latest version

Definition of the backglass monitor

The index of the monitor to display the backglass will use Lines 3,4 For Size And 6,7 For Location
Use the x coordinate of the top left point of your backglass screen, prefixed with “@” (example: @3840, if your backglass screen top left x coordinate is 3840 according to Windows, which should be the case if you have a landscape 3840p (4K Playfield)

Definition of the size and location of the backglass image

By default, the B2S backglass picture will fill the backglass area defined at the lines 3,4,6,7. However, if the “Small Button Option” property of your B2S is activated (reached by right clicking on your B2S screen once loaded in VPX), your backglass area will still be defined by lines 3,4,6,7, but the actual image will be displayed only in the rectangle defined by the coordinates from lines 13,14,15,16. In this case, the part of the backglass not covered by the image will be black (not transparent). To fill this gap with another color or a background image, an image file can be specified at line 17.

For use with a 3 Screen setup

Lines 8,9,10,11 For Backglasses with a image/Score for the 3rd screen “Example Game (Diner)“
2 Screen setup Put 0
For 2 Screen setup with real DMD Put 1 in #11

Table specific B2S settings

If a table needs very specific B2S display settings, copy the ScreenRes.txt file and rename it ”[table_name].res”. As a result, ScreenRes.txt will be ignored for this table and settings from the newly created res file will be used.

Example of application, aspect ratio

Let's say you use a 1920×1080 resolution monitor, dedicated to your backglass… If you play with a modern SS table, with a B2S designed to be dispayed on a wide screen, you'll get something like this:

Now if you load up an EM style table with the same settings, you might get a squished result like this:

Thanks to the “small” mode, you can define an alternative configuration, which will add black bars to the side of your picture… better if you like a good aspect ratio.

But yes, the picture is smaller… you have to decide what's best for you :-)

You could also design a bezel picture to replace the black bars around the image, by indicating its filename at line 17 of the configuration file.


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