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AT91Jit Registry Change/Setting

win-key + r → regedit – you get a editor that looks something like this.

This is just a illustration on how the editor looks. Let us say we have a problem with “The Walking Dead” and the rom it uses is … tada … twd_156h. Inside the table script you will often find this line

cgamename = twd_156h

This is the rom that the table loads and the zip-file you need to have in your roms folder in order to get the game to work.
So, now. You have to navigate yourself down to the rom name for the table in the registry editor.

You need to open up the hive. HKEY_CURRENT_USER – the subkeys SOFTWARE → FREEWARE and find the twd_156h subkey, then double-click when you find at91jit under the subkey and change that value from a 1 to a 0.

After you have change it, make sure to close all open tables, since VP needs to read the key change all over again. This time with a value of 0 instead of 1. 0 means disabled, 1 enabled.

Some have reported getting “double sound” when they disable this key. In general you can say, the stronger/faster hardware you have the better is the chance that you don’t get any problems by disabling at91jit.

Ah – yes. Rob mentioned this in a thread a while ago :

1. Never disable AT91Jit on Mustang, Walking Dead LE , ACDC LE, Star Trek LE.
These games require precise timing that only AT91Jit = 1 offers.

2. Mustang requires special code hacks that are only programmed for the 1.45
Pro and LE roms. The color patch of the ROM does not alter the game code so
it still works. No other editions or ROM versions will work.

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