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Tips and Tricks.

Windows Desktop/Taskbar Tips

1> hide windows taskbar on 'other displays'. in win10 if you right click on taskbar and go to taskbar settings theres an option to “show taskbar on all displays” turn that off

2> set your wall-paper(background) in windows to be solid black for all monitors.

3> right-click on desktop and select view-“show desktop icons”. This will temp hide all icons on desktop… right-click select again if you want to use/see the icons again.

all this is useful in case your emulator 'blinks'/shows the desktop for a second and it will look 'ok'…. (will just be a temp black screen)…

System Menu Button

Haven't posted a Monday Tip or Trick in a while. This one is for anyone that may have missed this tip. In controller setup you can (should) setup the “system menu” item to be the same key as 'exit emulator'. That way while you're in menu/browsing you can bring up the exit/shutdown menu…

Media-Manager… find missing media

Hey, just made a little 'did-you-know?' video about feature in media manager to find missing display media… nothing new, just sometimes people skip/don't know about all the little things in PinUP.

Modify PuP-Packs to play on Topper Display Only

Happy Friday! I made this video to show people how easy it is to change a particular PuP-Pack that is designed for your backglass and have it work with your Topper screen instead.

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