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Setup Zaccaria

Get required files from here:

  1. Take the included Popper_Zaccaria.ahk file and place it in your steam directory install where Zaccaria is installed.
  2. Zaccaria will do it’s own screen rotation with a steam parameter, or comment lines 99 and 100 according to your setup and use.
  3. Edit Line “112” to match your x and y coordinates to your playfield screen as close to the logo as possible. This simulates a mouse click.
  4. Save your ahk file and compile.
  5. Open up pinupmenusetup.exe and create a new emulator with the values below.

6. Enter your Start Script:

START _ckgedit_QUOTckgedit> “[STARTDIR]Launch\VPXSTARTER.exe” 10 10 5 “ZaccariaPinball.exe”
start _ckgedit
_QUOTckgedit> “[DIREMU]\Popper_Zaccaria.exe” [GAMENAME] [CUSTOM2]

7. Close Script:

taskkill /f /im “ZaccariaPinball.exe”

“[STARTDIR]LAUNCH\PUPCLOSER.EXE” WINTIT “ZaccariaPinball.exe” 10 5 2

8. Open Game Manger, select your newly created emulate and import the included .pupgames file. This will populate all of the games that Zaccaria has to this point. If you don't own the game, delete these games from the list or purchase them.


1. If you have issues just start Zaccaria, check your paths in pinup and ensure it matches where you have Steam and Zaccaria installed.

2. If you have any issues starting the emulator and going directly into the table you selected, look at Line 110 and adjust your timing. I've had mine set as low as 8 seconds, and have seen it need to be as high as 15 to function.

3. The script is expecting escape to be your key to exit. I highly suggest you map escape key in Zaccaria to exit. If you have escape mapped to anything in pinup other than exit emulators, the script will need to be modified to suit your setup.

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