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Common Issues

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pinup System, Pinup Player, PuP-Packs and Pinup Popper?

Pinup Player: a program the can be controlled and triggered to play various types media. This can be played on multiple “screens and layers” and displayed on many different “monitors / TVs” in Windows.

PuP-Packs: (Pinup Player Packs)are an active video Backglass that is run by Pinup Player and can be used with (and controlled by) Pinball Emulators. The videos and media can be played on many screens at the same time.

Pinup Popper: a new front-end that “makes use of” Pinup Player.

Pinup System: a centralized install location of all Pinup related programs.

Do I need to use Pinup Popper if I just want to only use Pinup Player (for PuP-Packs) with another front-end?

If you wish to use only Pinup Player for active video Backglasses (PuP-Packs),etc… you DO NOT need to setup or use the Pinup Popper front-end. You only need to install Pinup System, and setup Pinup Player. PuP-Packs are front-end independent.

Got it all Running… Why are my Playfield videos all flipped 180 degrees?

See Video conversion help here;

Something is up? I can launch a table but can't exit emulator back to Popper?

Run pinupmenu.exe AS-ADMIN. do not run any other PinUP exes as admin.

When I exit VP, I'm not returned to Popper. The taskbar is missing, and I can't restart Popper?

If you exit VP manually (not with Popper), you still need to hit the Exit Emulator key ('Q' by default) to return to the Popper menu.

Does this support Hardware DMD? How do I get that working?

How do I setup DOF?

My 4K recording seems choppy… how can I improve?

The default FFMpeg capture does not perform well enough for 4k at good FPS rates. Please check the Recording Table Media section for details on setting up OBS or hardware encoding.

My video playback seems gray and washed out than the real table. How do I fix?

This is due to video playback color range. If using NVidia, go to the NVidia Control panel, under Video Settings. Select “With NVidia settings”, Dynamic Range 0-255.

What are Active Playlists and how can I use them?

I heard Popper can auto-record all my media… how?

Where can I find PuP-Packs to play some awesome PinUP Player Tables?

When I run PinUP Player Tables(or other tables) I lose focus of vpx (can't press keys to start table)?

First, with VPX the most common solution is to make sure you run VPX in Full Screen Exclusive mode in VPX display settings.

This may also happen on slower systems. you will need to extend the time to keep the player in focus after launch. go to vpx emulator setup and modify a line in the launch script. You will see a line like 'vpxstarter.exe 10 10 60' you want to change that to 'vpxstarter 10 15 60'… you can even try 20 instead of 15 if focus issues still happen.

See here if above doesn't help:|

When I press “Open Script File” nothing happens.

Windows doesn't know how to open the text file called: pupMenusScript.pup You will need to do this once only, go into your PinUP System folder and double click on pupMenuScript.pup. Windows will ask you how to open, select notepade or your favourite text editor… and press 'always use'. Afterwards that button will work when pressed.

Im having issues with UltraDMD issues not closing out properly, or PinUP players games staying open when returning to Popper.

see UltraDMD help here:

When exiting a table running a PuP-Pack, it doesn't always close out the PuP-Pack?

Some things to check…

  • pinupmenu.exe needs to be run as admin (and nothing else in PinupSystem folder)
  • your Popper “Exit Emulator” key / button cannot be the same as VPX’s Exit button. Popper needs to be what is closing VPX cleanly
  • UltraDMD tables. Some of these tables don’t have a proper closing or exit part added to the table’s script
  • you may have something else causing an error that you may not notice in the background.
  • SAM tables and at91jit can cause issues for some people
  • the PuP-Pack wasn’t created optimally and may have been too much for your system to handle, so it didn’t exit out properly after having some kind of crash.
  • FX3 tables using dmdext and pup / doflinx can’t have dmdext run as admin or the pup-pack won’t close out.
  • if the above still doesn't help then use this version of plug-in here|

When I browse tables in Popper sometimes it will show similar/wrong media. Like it will show Batman DataEast when it should show Batman Dark Knight media:

You need to fully understand how MEDIA SEARCH field works on a game (in game manager). Popper will use that field to find media for that game, if you want it to be EXACT then Blank/Clear/Empty out the MediaSearch field. If the field is BLANK then it will do an exact media file match to the tablename. If you still want to use the wildcard search of the MediaSearch field make sure it it contains a '*' like batman* .

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