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Contributors and Projects

Countless hours have been put into the FAN based Virtual Pinball community. All the main contributors from Developers to Table Designers to most Web Site Hosts do this for the passion with no commercial benefit.

Feel free to join the great community and support all the fans of virtual pinball!!

Here's a link to sites and projects that contribute to our community in no particular order.

VP Community Websites;

Projects and Links

Visual Pinball X: GitHub Project Link

Future Pinball: Website Link

Next-Gen VPE Engine: GitHub Project Link

PinUP System: Website Link

B2S BackGlass Engine: SourceForge Project Link

BAM Plugin: Website Link GitHub Project Link

DMDExt (aka Freezy): GitHub Project Link

DOF R3++ Feedback Engine GitHub Project Link

VPINMAME: GitHub Project Link

FlexDMD: GitHub Project Link

Major Active Community Contributors

Legacy Honourable Mentions

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