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PinUP Popper Baller Installer v2021.04

Updates available to this Version.

Optional Updates to this Version.

None availabe.

DOF R3++

(optional, only needed for cabinet users with hardware for feedback and lighting. Also needed for DOFLinx for Future Pinball and FX3 PuP-Packs)

GitHub Source Page:

DOFLinx is a utility to provide a bit of extra force feedback functionality in your pinball cabinet. It uses the great DOF by Swisslizard to connect to PacLed64, LedWiz, SainSmart, Pinscape, PinConrol1, PinControl2 and Ultimate IO devices. It can run up to 9 logical devices, more than I’ve seen anyone with so far! It cam also drive XBox controller rumble motors, allow for a full cabinet setting menu that controls hardware, add nudge to Pinball FX, add DOF to FP, and so much more.

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