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Other Setup Items

Auto Starting Popper with Windows Startup

If you are running PinUpMEnu.exe as admin, then you most-likely WONT be able to create a shortcut to it and place it in startup. Depending on Windows mood… it won't like to startup an admin exe via shortcut. BUT it doesn't mind starting a batch file that will… go figure.

Easiest would be to make a batchfile in pinupsystem like this: Note in latest version there is already a batch file called: RunWindowsStartup.bat that you just place a short-cut to in startup… if not there, you can make your own.

@echo off
CD /d %~dp0
START "" "%~dp0PinUpMenu.exe"

and put a shortcut link to it in windows startup folder.

for people that don't know where windows startup folder is… here's an easy method.

right-click on your new batch file and select COPY.

in fileexplorer on the top type in: shell:startup

it will bring up the windows starup folder.

press right-click PASTE-SHORTCUT. (not just paste… that will break it).

all done..

Backing up your (current) DB

1. Start 'PinUP Popper Config'.
2. Go to the 'Popper Setup' tab (1).
3. Click on the 'Backup DB' button (2).

4. Confirm with ‘Yes’ in the Popup Window that opens:

5. Now Close Pinup Popper Config by clicking ‘Exit Setup’.

Restoring a backup of Database.

Do this with all PUP apps closed!

The database is just one file in PinUPSystem called PUPDatabase.db

Your backups are in the subfolder called pupbackup (each file is renamed with time/date in name).

Simply make a copy of one of the backup files you want to restore (rename it to PUPDatabase.db) and overwrite the existing PUPDatabase.db file in PinUPSystem… that’s it.

Moving PinUPSystem to another Drive

paths for tables and media are configured in the popper setup program. So you can easily move your media dir or table directories to another location with minimal effort.

1> make a backup of your pinupsystem folder.

2> cut and paste the entire pinupsystem folder to d:\ (or other location)

3> go to new location of pinupsystem and right-click run as administrator the PINUPPLAYERINSTALL.BAT FILE. That will re-register the location for pinUP system.

4> run setup and reconfigure the locations of global media dir, and on each emulator reset the locations for media/tables/ or anything else.

there may be other items like the 'web=remote' server that may need to be re-registered as well… just need to re-run those batch files as well.

Location of PinUP System Files or Uninstalling PinUP System

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