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4. How to import and use a puplookup.csv Database file

The ‘puplookup.csv’ is a DataBase (DB), which is filled with data, that you normally would have to type in yourself in the fields of the ‘All Games’section of the Game Manager.

Data like for example: TableName, Manufacturer, Release Year, Game Type, etc.

This DataBase file will help you automatically fill in the fields by just doing some simple mouse clicks (or typing in a few keywords).

That sounds pretty handy, right?

Before we start with the instructions, there’s one thing you need to do before hand:

A. Backing up your (current) DB

1. Start 'PinUP Popper Config'.
2. Go to the 'Popper Setup' tab (1).
3. Click on the 'Backup DB' button (2).

4. Confirm with ‘Yes’ in the Popup Window that opens:

5. Now Close Pinup Popper Config by clicking ‘Exit Setup’.

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