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Hardware Config & Setup

DOF Configuration

In PUPMenuScript.pup file there is a section uptop about DOF.

You want to set

var useDOF = true; /set to true if using DOF output for menu… make sure its all lowercase! YOU MUST UPDATE YOU CONFIGURATION FILES FROM DOF CONFIGTOOL ONLINE TO ENSURE YOU HAVE THE DOF TEMPLATE FOR POPPER! ===== REAL-DMD Hardware ===== All you need to do is to modify the pupscript file to set var useDMD = true; set to true if using hardware dmdDevice.DLL Once that is setup, when you run you should get a default png displaying on your dmd. if that works, then you’re all set, and can use media manager for your dmd like any other display. Note: supported formats are png files and animated GIFs (10 fps) So if you have avi/mp4s you’ll need to convert then to animated GIFs. I made a simple batch file that may help, or you can use another tool if you’d like.

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