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Installing PinUp System

Download and Watch install Videos Link

By Nailbuster, TerryRed and others

PinUP System Manual - V.0.32 by Dux Retro

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1. Installation

Here you’ll be guided to the installation process. Be sure to check if you have already installed everything mentioned in Chapter 1A and if you set the DPI Scaling (Text Size) to 100% in your Windows OS (Chapter 1B).

A. What you should already have installed.

The following components should be installed in this order.


YOU MUST USE 7zip to deal with ALL *.zip files!!!

This is because Windows will “block” many files that come from other locations. This results in some programs NOT working correctly and will give you endless headaches. 7zip will automatically “unblock” all files that you extract from a *.zip file.

This is for your own good…PLEASE make sure you install and use 7zip for *.zip files!!!

Download from:

VLC Media Player
Version: 2.2.8, 32 bit only! (DO NOT use newer versions! They won't work correctly with Pinup Player) Be sure to have automatic updates disabled for VLC Media Player!
Download from:

Visual Pinball X All-In-One Installer
Current Version: 10.5.0
Download from:

Visual Pinball X - Beta. NOTE: There could be unknown issues when using a new beta. Only install if required. The last stable release seems to currently be version 3592
Current Version: 10.6 Beta
Download from:

VPinMAME, SAMBuild - Beta. This is required for colour rom support on certain VPX tables.
Current Version: 3.2 Beta
Download from:

BS2 Server
Current Version: PinupSystem B2S Custom update added”

This update to B2S server has some VERY helpful updates added to it. It is HIGHLY recommended that you install this!

Changes are:

- new default is to draw directb2s backglass to 'back'. New checkbox option in B2S settings GUI to 'bring to front' for certain tables.

- no fuzzy logic when looking for directb2s files. Filenames must exactly match.. EXACT match only… no option. (finally!)

- added .PUPHIDE method to controller so you can easily hide/disable pinup b2s plugin for current launch of table. This is done in table script before you .RUN the controller (b2s).

Download from:

Replace the old files with the new files from the ZIP using 7zip to extract files so they will be UNBLOCKED!!!

Then Run as Admin the B2SBackglassServerRegisterApp.exe to re-register it!

Version: 1.7.1 or higher (32 bit, x86 files only!!! Install the files in the VPinMAME folder, NOT the “VPinMAME \ dmdext” sub folder)
Download from:

Note: The new Pinup System Installer no longer installs any dmdext / freezy files (the older installer did). You should have it installed and setup before you install PinupSystem, but it can still be installed afterward as well. Please goto this link and follow the instructions on how to install DMDext 1.7+ (32 bit, x86 only) files and how to configure it for Pinup Player!

B. Setting the DPI Scaling (Text Size) to 100% in Windows

Set your ‘DPI Scaling’ (Windows 7) or ‘Scale and Layout: Text Size’ (Windows 10) to 100% by going to your Display Settings for your version of Windows. This MUST be done, or the size and positions of Videos will not display correctly. Make sure this is done for ALL of your Displays in Windows! (Win 10 now allows each monitor to have different Text Scaling. Make sure you set them ALL to 100)

C. Pinup Player and Popper are setup for Landscape Orientation by Default

Pinup Player and the Popper front-end are by default setup for Landscape orientation of the playfield screen. If you wish to use Popper in Portrait orientation of the playfield, read this post to see how to setup Popper for Portrait setups. We hope to have a “Ready to Go” Portrait install in the future.

D. Make sure your Displays in Windows are NOT in a negative value position!

It's essential that you don't have ANY of your monitors in Windows positioned in a NEGATIVE value position. This means your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc screens should only be positioned ONLY to the RIGHT, and BELOW your main display. NOT to the LEFT or ABOVE your main display! Your main display should be your playfield.


E. Getting the files

PinUP System (Player and Popper Front-End) Installer
Current Version: 1.3.6
Download from:

This should give you the following file:

The install is usually not current with latest fixes and new features. Check out Release Notes/Change Log for latest files and updates. These updates should be applied AFTER the above install is complete.


Note: You need this version of VLC in order for the videos to work!

F. Installing PinUP System

Note: Anti-Virus software (including Windows Defender) MUST be disabled while installing PinupSystem. After the installation, add an exception to your PinupSystem folder. (Some anti-virus programs seem to currently have a problem with the pupcloserecord.exe)

1. Install VLC Media Player (vlc-2.2.8-win32.exe) first.
2. Extract: ‘’.
3. Click on: ‘PinUPSystemInstall_v1_36_Final.exe’.
4. Click ‘Next’.

You’ll be presented with the following screen:

5. Select the locations where you want everything to be installed.

NoteIf you choose another drive to install PinUP System Folder, also change the ‘Default Media Directory’! Check: Chapter 2A. GlobalConfig!

6. Click ‘Next’.

In the following screen click which component you want to install.

7. Click ‘Next’.

In the next screen you can choose the setup to create a desktop shortcut:

8. Click ‘Next’.

*The Installation will now run. Wait for a bit.* After the installation is complete, the PinUP Player Displays screen will open.

This is where you setup Pinup Player:

Here you can change several settings for the screens that are supported, and enable / disable what you need depending on the hardware and screens you have. PLEASE read below to properly setup the screens for PuP and Popper.

Important Notes about how to setup and position PuP screens:

- Pinup Player Screens CANNOT be positioned using a NEGATIVE value. They can only be either on your main Display, or to the Right, or BELOW your main display!

- It is highly recommended to use the Quick Position to “properly” position your PuP screens where possible. This is to ensure that they will NOT spill over onto another screen.

- If a PuP screen is appearing (spilling) overtop of another screen even by 1 pixel, it can cause lots of problems. Make sure your PuP screens are pixel perfect and only appear on their intended monitor and space.

How to setup your PuP screens for use with Pinup Player and Pinup Popper:

All options should be left at the default value, with the exception of the “Default State”, Width, Height, ScreenX Pos, and Y Pos.

How each PuP screen should be set for “Default State”:

Topper: “Always ON (show)” (if you have a “Topper / Under screen”).“OFF” (If you don't have a Topper / Under Screen)
DMD: “Always ON (show)” (if you have a LCD monitor screen for a DMD).“OFF” (If you don't have a LCD monitor screen for a DMD)
Backglass: “Always ON (show)”
Playfield: “Always ON (show)”
Music: “Hide Always (sound only)”
Menu: “OFF”
Game Select: “OFF”
Other 1 / Backglass Layer 2: “OFF”
Other 2 / Topper 2: “OFF”
GameInfo: “OFF”
GameHelp: “OFF”

Rotation may need to be changed for Game Info (used for flyers) or Playfield (if your screen was not setup to the standard layout) depending on your cabinet setup. It is recommended to NOT rotate your Playfield if possible, as this adds extra processing time to display media.

“Where” each PuP screen should be positioned:

Topper: on your “Topper / Under” screen (if you have one).On your Backglass screen if you don't have one
DMD: on your “LCD DMD” screen (if you have one).On your Backglass screen if you don't have one
Backglass: on your Backglass screen
Playfield: on your Playfield screen
Music: on your Backglass screen
Menu: on your Backglass screen
Game Select: on your Playfield screen
Other 1 / Backglass Layer 2: on your Backglass screen
Other 2 / Topper 2: on your “Topper / Under” screen (if you have one).On your Backglass screen if you don't have one
GameInfo: on your Playfield screen
GameHelp: on your Backglass screen

9. After you are done, click on ‘Save Settings’.
10. After clicking on ‘Exit Setup’ the installation is also finished.
12. Install the latest PinUP System update by extracting ‘PinUPSystem_update*.zip’ and copy and overwrite the files to your Hard drive:\\PinUPSystem folder.

The installer should now have created a folder called ‘Pinup’ in your Windows Startmenu, which contains the following 3 files:
-PinUP Pack Editor
Here you can create or edit PuP Packs (folders, videos. Media, playlists) to play interactive videos during your games and you use it for the media content in PinUp Popper Menu.

-PinUP Popper Config
You use this to setup the PinUP Popper Menu and add games, playlists and media.
See Chapter 2 and 3 on how to do this.

-PinUP Popper Menu
Your pinball cab’s new best friend. The way to start the frontend.

And you are done with the installation part of this manual!

NOTE: If you wish to use only Pinup Player for active video backglasses (PuP-Packs),etc… you DO NOT need to setup or use the Pinup Popper front-end. You only need to install Pinup System, and setup Pinup Player.

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