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Installing PinUp System

Download and Watch install Videos Link

By Nailbuster, TerryRed and others

PinUP System Manual - V.0.32 by Dux Retro

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For troubleshooting and details visit the official forum on Vpinball:

1. Installation

Here you’ll be guided to the installation process. Be sure to check if you have already installed everything mentioned in Chapter 1A and if you set the DPI Scaling (Text Size) to 100% in your Windows OS (Chapter 1B).

A. What you should already have installed

Visual Pinball X All-In-One Installer
Current Version: 10.4.0
Download from:

Visual Pinball X - Beta
Current Version: 10.5 Beta rev 3390
Download from:

Current Version: 3.0
Download from:

SAMBuild - Beta
Current Version: 3.1 Beta rev 4486
Download from:

BS2 Server
Current Version:
Download from:

Version: 1.7.1 or higher (this now needs to be installed afterward!)
Download from:

Note: that currently the installer installs DMDExt 1.6 files. This now needs to be replaced with a mandatory install of DMDext 1.7 or higher! AFTER you have installed PinupSystem, please goto this link and follow the instructions on how to install DMDext 1.7+ (32 bit only) files and how to configure it for Pinup Player!

VLC Media Player
Version: 2.2.8 (DO NOT use newer versions!)
Download from:

B. Setting the DPI Scaling (Text Size) to 100% in Windows

Set your ‘DPI Scaling’ (Windows 7) or ‘Scale and Layout: Text Size’ (Windows 10) to 100% by going to your Display Settings for your version of Windows. This must be done or the size and positions of Videos will not display correctly. Make sure this is done for ALL of your Displays!

C. Getting the files

PinUP System (Player and Popper Front-End) Installer
Current Version: 1.3
Download from:

This should give you the following file:

The install is usually not current with latest fixes and new features. Check out Release Notes/Change Log for latest files and updates. These updates should be applied AFTER the above install is complete. release_notes

NoteYou need this version of VLC in order for the videos to work!

D. Installing PinUP System

1. Install VLC Media Player (vlc-2.2.8-win32.exe) first.
2. Extract: ‘’.
3. Click on: ‘PinUPSystemInstall_v1_30_Final.exe’.
4. Click ‘Next’.

You’ll be presented with the following screen:

5. Select the locations where you want everything to be installed.

NoteIf you choose another drive to install PinUP System Folder, also change the ‘Default Media Directory’! Check: Chapter 2A. GlobalConfig!

6. Click ‘Next’.

In the following screen click which component you want to install.

7. Click ‘Next’.

In the next screen you can choose the setup to create a desktop shortcut:

8. Click ‘Next’.

*The Installation will now run. Wait for a bit.* After the installation is complete, the PinUP Player Displays screen will open:

Here you can change several settings for the screens that are supported. Enable / disable whatever you want depending on the hardware and screens you have.

9. After you are done, click on ‘Save Settings’.
10. After clicking on ‘Exit Setup’ the installation is also finished.
12. Install the PinUP System update by extracting ‘PinUPSystem_update*.zip’ and copy and overwrite the files to your Hard drive:\\PinUPSystem folder.

The installer should now have created a folder called ‘Pinup’ in your Windows Startmenu, which contains the following 3 files:
-PinUP Pack Editor
Here you can create or edit PuP Packs (folders, videos. Media, playlists) to play interactive videos during your games and you use it for the media content in PinUp Popper Menu.

-PinUP Popper Config
You use this to setup the PinUP Popper Menu and add games, playlists and media.
See Chapter 2 and 3 on how to do this.

-PinUP Popper Menu
Your pinball cab’s new best friend. The way to start the frontend.

And you are done with the installation part of this manual!

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