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Here's where you can info/examples on how other people got their hardware/software up and running.

Cactus Canyon Continued with Hardware DMD

First get CCC up and running outside of Popper, making sure you get dmdext sample batch file ready and working. Then add table to Popper and on game manager go to CCC and find the field 'Custom Launch #2' and set it to “CCC” without quotes.

then in your vpx launch script you want to add this to it at the top: (this is a sample, you need to change the parameters for dmdext for your hardware!)

Launch Script:

if "[CUSTOM2]"=="CCC" (
cd "c:\visual pinball\vpinmame"
start /min "" dmdext.exe mirror --source screen --position 4550 900 512 128 --no-virtual -d pindmdv3 -p COM3

Note For LCD/DMD you would do similar but the dmdext.exe line needs to be different like this:

start /min "" c:/dmdext/dmdext.exe mirror --source screen --position 5700 0 1400 400 --destination=virtual --virtual-stay-on-top --virtual-hide-grip --virtual-position 5700 0 1154 555

note: your #'s will be different depending on your screen layout/setup.

Add This to the end of close script:

 if "[CUSTOM2]"=="CCC" (start /min "" taskkill /f /im dmdext.exe)

Setting up timeshock ultra(steam) with dmdext and popper

Disable Pinup Player when launching a VPX table

If you want to keep versions of tables with and without PUP, you can use the following conditional statement within the emulator's start script.

IF "[GAMENAME]"=="PUP Attack from Mars 1.2.0_JP" (
    REM Pup with DMD
    move /Y "c:\Pinball\PinupSystem\PUPVideos\afm_113b\screens.zzz" "c:\Pinball\PinupSystem\PUPVideos\afm_113b\screens.pup"

IF "[GAMENAME]"=="Attack from Mars V1.0_Groni" (
    REM No PUP
    move /Y "c:\Pinball\PinupSystem\PUPVideos\afm_113b\screens.pup" "c:\Pinball\PinupSystem\PUPVideos\afm_113b\screens.zzz"

If you can't do it via launch script, you can also do some table script mods:

see here:

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