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Custom Options

These are settings that you can tweak behind the scenes.

Settings are all added to the Custom Options box. Config/Global Settings/Script

(options are in the form xxxx=yyyy) not case sensitive.

values are usually 0=OFF/false/no, 1=ON/True/yes, or otherwise its described.

options are available starting in v1.3.3 and above.

Available Options

DelayReturn=2000 set to delay startup of menu after game in ms, some hardware dmd , DOF and slower systems need to 'wait' after vpx/emu closes to re-init all those devices.

ReturnNext=1 advance to next game on return to emu (1=yes, 0=no)

NoSysFavs=1 to hide system favourites auto-playlist… you would need to make your own.

NoSysLists=1 to hide system lists like most played/mostplayed auto-playlist… you would need to make your own.

WheelDrawMargins=10,20,100,50 allows clipping wheelbar if your background image is 'full'. the values are values in pixels of margins from the wheelbar window. (left,top,right,bottom)… remember if you are landscape the top/left is reversed.

WheelTopX=0 This is a top position of the wheelbar if you do not want to center the wheelbar. if you want to make a large background wheelbar but have the wheel on the bottom of the background wheelbar you can use this.

WheelArc=20 Curved (radial) WheelBar option. WheelArc=20 (default 0=none) will draw the wheelbar wheels in an ‘arc’. 20=20%, larger # will increase the arc of wheel display. Note you probably will need to make your “Game Select” pupdisplay a lot bigger if you use this feature. Remember your wheelbar background png will autoscale so you will need to adjust new wheelbars as well if using this feature.

EmuExitCount=1 Normally you press the exit emulator key once and it will close emulator/game. You can set this to 2/3 and it will require you to press the exit emulator X times in a row to exit emulator.

PlayOnlyMode=0/1 (default 0=off) Is the default state of PlayOnlyMode or child lock mode on Popper boot-up.

WheelAniTimeMS=300 (in milliseconds). This is the time between wheel selection animation.

ShowInfoInGame=0/1 (default 0=off) If you set this to 1 then will allow the info/help/other keys to be active during gameplay.

PopUPHideAnykey=0/1 (default =off) normally you have to press info key and then info key again to close. you can have it use any button press to close the info key (note if this is on then all info/help/other screens will close with any key)

RapidFireCount=6 this is the 'mute' next/prior key count… so that it doesn't sound a 'strange' when repeating a lot of keys in a row.

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