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Custom Options

These are settings that you can tweak behind the scenes.

Settings are all added to the Custom Options box. Config/Global Settings/Script

(options are in the form xxxx=yyyy) not case sensitive.

values are usually 0=OFF/false/no, 1=ON/True/yes, or otherwise its described.

options are available starting in v1.3.3 and above.

Available Options

DelayReturn=2000 set to delay startup of menu after game in ms, some hardware dmd , DOF and slower systems need to 'wait' after vpx/emu closes to re-init all those devices.

ReturnNext=1 advance to next game on return to emu (1=yes, 0=no)

NoSysFavs=1 to hide system favourites auto-playlist… you would need to make your own.

NoSysLists=1 to hide system lists like most played/mostplayed auto-playlist… you would need to make your own.

WheelDrawMargins=10,20,100,50 allows clipping wheelbar if your background image is 'full'. the values are values in pixels of margins from the wheelbar window. (left,top,right,bottom)… remember if you are landscape the top/left is reversed.

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