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Trouble Shooting Pup-Packs

PuP-Packs are a combination of videos/media and config files to work with tables so that the media will play during gameplay.

There are actually 3 different methods Pup-Pack authors can choose to get it working.

1> table script (example: stranger things SE edition). this is where total control of the PinUP Player system is controlled by vpx table script. You DO NOT use pinuppackeditor.exe to customize these tables, in fact if you try and create a b2spup file with these tables you will be screwing up the puppack config.

2>b2splugin. This is where the puppack grabs events from table like 'switch 13' is triggered. You can then have video/sound play when that switch is triggered. This is great as it involves no table script changes and can be distributed without any care about which table version or table script is running. It works solely on the romevents. Limitation is that it is difficult to make a really 'top-quality' puppack using just romevents. Table script interface give you more 'fine-tuning' than just rom events.

3>PuPCapture: this is a great way and usually the best to use now if you don't know table script PuP interface. Using Freezy DMD DLL interface v1.7.1 or newer PinUP will 'scan/match' frames and trigger events that way. This allows a lot of great flexibility like knowing when multi-ball starts/ends, jackpots… all without knowing rom events/switch #s. etc.

ok. regardless of the method. to install a puppack you need to unzip/copy the rom_folder_name to your PuPVideos subfolder of PinUPSystem.

it will look something like this for trn_174h puppack


in this folder is where the media is (you should NOT have it like this: c:\PinUpSystem\PuPVideos\trn_174h\trn_174h… that would be WRONG)

Ok, so assuming you followed the PinUP System install videos on this site and placed the puppacks. Starting/Launching the tables should work automatically.

Most important: Make sure you have Freezy Setup to latest v.1.7.1 or newer. See Here:

BUT here are some things you need to check if things don't work.

make sure your B2S is set to allow plugins: right-click on a backglass and make sure these settings are set like this:

you should also press the plugin settings and make sure is says PinUP Player 'active' with no errors. (you will need to restart vpx editor/table after you change settings)

Other items:

Make sure you have dmddevice.ini setup correctly and is located in your vpinmame root folder!. see:

Also, you may think you have a PuP-Pack working but could be missing 80% of the videos. A PuP-Pack can use a combination of rom_events and PuPCapture frames. so you may only be seeing the rom_events videos.

Start the table you may be having a problem with. then exit the table.

go to you vpinmame folder and examing the PUPLOG.TXT file. (this file is created each time a table is launched).

Here a good sample of what avatar will look like:

20180712 13:16:18 Open called
20180712 13:16:18 Set Game Name thread avr_200
20180712 13:16:18 Start Thread Matching
20180712 13:16:18 create PuPCap
20180712 13:16:18 Init Game name:avr_200
20180712 13:16:18 Create Object Display
20180712 13:16:18 imagedir:C:\VISUAL~1\Tables\PINUPP~1\PuPVideos\avr_200\PuPCapture
20180712 13:16:18 num images 49
20180712 13:16:22 Free Object Display

if you don't have a puplog.txt file then you are not configured correctly.

Make sure there are no blocked dlls in your vpinmame folder like the 'dmddevicepup.dll'.

also, if you are NOT using freezy dmddevice.dll, like perhaps you are using luckys' pin2dmd dmddevice.dll then you will not be able to use any puppacks that use PuPCapture (most will in future).


If you have video stuttering or artifacts with PuP-Packs with VPX… you most likely don't have VSYNC properly setup in VPX. Set “FPS Limiter/VSYNC” to 1, and “Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames” to 1 in VPX Video Options. This can also be set per-table in the Table's “User Customization” options, so check that as well.

Having certain programs running in the background can also cause issues as they may interfere with VLC or prevent Overlays from displaying. Try closing out other programs / processes to see if that helps resolve any issues.

Now that you know the basics of getting PuPPacks up and runnings… watch the videos here to get to know all the customized features you can use with PinUpPlayer.

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