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Frequently Asked Questions

Got it all Running… Why are my Playfield videos all flipped 180 degrees?

See Video conversion help here;

Something is up? I can't exit emulator or record screens properly?

Run pinupmenu.exe AS-ADMIN. do not run any other PinUP exes as admin.

When I exit VP, I'm not returned to Popper. The taskbar is missing, and I can't restart Popper?

When you exit VP, you still need to hit the Exit Emulator key ('Q' by default) to return to the Popper menu.

How come my media from another system doesn't match or work?

Does this support Hardware DMD? How do I get that working?

How do I setup DOF?

My 4K recording seems choppy… how can I improve?

The default FFMpeg capture does not perform well enough for 4k at good FPS rates. Please check the Recording Table Media section for details on setting up OBS or hardware encoding.

My video playback seems brighter and washed out than the real table. How do I fix?

This is due to video playback color range. If using NVidia, go to the NVidia Control panel, under Video Settings. Select “With NVidia settings”, Dynamic Range 0-255.

What are Active Playlists and how can I use them?

I heard Popper can auto-record all my media… how?

Where can I find PuP-Packs to play some awesome PinUP Player Tables?

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