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Creating PUP-Packs

PinUP Player is a component of the system that allows interactive videos to be played on your backglass/dmd/topper when events happen during gameplay. Like hit a drop target, play a certain video, or start multiball and have awesome video/music follow the mode along. There are so many options, and making them is super simple once you get the hang of it.

The easiest method when dealing with ROM based games, is to use “PUPCapture” method… it is a neat feature that will scan the DMD in real time and find matching 'boxes' that can trigger video plays with PuPlayer! You simple create a set of 'trigger' screens that then translate to events that PinUP Player will react to.

It makes it a lot easier to code with ROM tables, as dealing with states and switches/lights can be difficult.

Watch these video series on how to use this feature:



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