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Working with FX3 & FX2

Most common issue: Most people cannot use FX3 in Exclusive Screen Mode. Many people found that VLC media will be crashed when returning from FX3/2. The easy solution is to setup FX3 in its video settings to use Window-Borderless.

Also, you must run the your steam-client on windows startup (the default behaviour). You do not want to run steam for the first time from launch script.

Note: there is currently a bug with ZEN fx3 (nothing to do with any frontend) that when you tell it to run Mars.pxp it will actually play Attack from Mars.pxp instead. The only solution is to go to the fx3 tables folder where Mars.pxp is located and make a copy of the file and call it Nars.pxp. And then use/add Nars.pxp to your PinUP fx3 emulator configuration (remove mars.pxp from popper menu).

NEW!! Exciting update to PuPDMD inside Popper to mirror FX3/2 easily.

see here:|

PupDMD is an alternative to using DMDExt. So if you do not want to use PuPDMD then follow the DMDExt instructions below;

For DMDExt:

DMDExt is difficult to get setup and should be done OUTSIDE of Frontend at first to make sure you have all the proper DMDEXT parameters set. Once that works then you can copy your tested parameters into the launch script of FX3.

In DMDEXT if you're using –fx3-legacy option you need to setup the size of your DMD in FX3 EXACTLY to the correct width and height like this:

After you have it Working go In FX3 Options Under UI/streaming set Dot matrix size : to off

DMDExT with FX

note: dmdext.exe is an exe that will mirror the FX3 dmd to a better looking LCD-DMD window or your hardware DMD. It is DIFFERANT THAN dmddevice.ini and it only gets its settings via command line parameters… no changes to the dmddevice.ini will help/affect the DMDExt.exe program.

Here is a sample of a LCD-DMDext Setup that I use: You would change the #'s in the virtual-position parameters to your screen size position. THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH HARDWARE DMDs.


See here for other set up information

PinUP Popper Alt-Mode Option[]=fx3

With Freezy 1.73 or Higher this is not needed –fx3-legacy

cd "C:\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME"

start /min "" "dmdext.exe" mirror --source=pinballfx3 -q -d virtual --fx3-legacy --virtual-hide-grip --virtual-position=5786 514 1560 375 --pinup PINUP\[GAMENAME]

START "" "[STARTDIR]Launch\VPXSTARTER.exe" 5 10 20 "Pinball FX3"

if "[ALTMODE]"=="classic"  (SET ALTPARAM=-class )
if "[ALTMODE]"=="hotseat2" (SET ALTPARAM=-hotseat_2 )
if "[ALTMODE]"=="hotseat3" (SET ALTPARAM=-hotseat_3 )
if "[ALTMODE]"=="hotseat4" (SET ALTPARAM=-hotseat_4 )

START "" "[DIREMU]\steam.exe" -applaunch 442120 %ALTPARAM% -table_[GAMENAME]

a sample one for pin2dmd would replace the dmdext line from above with this:

start /min "" "dmdext.exe" mirror --source=pinballfx3 --fx3-legacy -q -d pin2dmd --pinup PinUP\[GAMENAME]

a sample with pindmdv3

start /min "" "dmdext.exe" mirror --source=pinballfx3 -q -d pindmdv3 -p com3 --fx3-legacy --pinup PINUP\[GAMENAME]

Sample NON-STEAM Sample Launch Script:

@echo off

rem remove rem to setup your DMDEXT press "open examples for more info"
rem cd "C:\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME"

rem start /min "" "dmdext.exe" mirror --source=pinballfx3 -q -d auto --virtual-hide-grip --virtual-position=x y w -o PinUP\[GAMENAME]

START "" "[STARTDIR]Launch\VPXSTARTER.exe" 5 5 60 "Pinball FX3"
cd /d "[DIREMU]"
START "" "PinballFX3.exe" -table_[GAMENAME]

Close script FX3


rem          Remove "rem" on the next line to close DMDExt after exiting a table.
rem taskkill /f /im "dmdext.exe"

SSF with FX3 ,PuP-SSF and DOFLinx

see here:

For FX2 Sample Launch Script

@echo off

rem remove rem to setup your DMDEXT press "open examples for more info"
rem cd "C:\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME"

rem start /min "" "dmdext.exe" mirror --source=pinball FX2 -q -d auto --virtual-hide-grip --virtual-position=x y w -o PinUP\[GAMENAME]

START "" "[STARTDIR]Launch\VPXSTARTER.exe" 5 1 5 "Pinball FX2.exe"

cd /d "[DIREMU]"

START "" "Pinball FX2.exe" -applaunch -table [GAMENAME]

Close script FX2


rem          Remove "rem" on the next line to close DMDExt after exiting a table.
rem taskkill /f /im "dmdext.exe"

Annoying "would you like to continue or start new game FX3 prompt?"

FX doesn't have an option to disable that prompt to continue or start new game…so I made a 'workaround' that should work.

download this zip and unblock-it and put the exe into the pinupsystem\launch folder

emulator setup FX3 in your launch script at the very bottom add these lines

timeout 15
START /min "" "[STARTDIR]Launch\SendFXNewGame.exe"

you may need to change the 15 (thats seconds) if your system is slower to launch.

this will send keystrokes to 'start new game' always.

Note: this should work fine for default keyboard setup in fx3, if yours is different then don't use this workaround…

Launching "Mars" table will launch "Attack from Mars" instead.

There's a known bug IN Zen FX3….(NOT in PinUP). If you use command line to launch mars, it will launch the wrong game. Easy solution is to make a copy of MARS.PXP file (in FX3 app folder) and call it NARS.PXP. Then add NARS.PXP to Popper like a normal game and set the media for it (remember to 'hide' MARS.PXP file in games manager).

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