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Visual Pinball X All-In-One Installer

Current Version: 10.5.0
Download from:

Visual Pinball X - Beta.
NOTE: There could be unknown issues when using a new beta. Only install if required.
Current Version: 10.6 Beta
Download from:

VPinMAME, SAMBuild - Beta. This is required for colour rom support on certain VPX tables.
Current Version: 3.2 Beta
Download from:

BS2 Server

The 'Official' version is located here:

Current Version: NOTE: This is normally installed with the VPX All-in-One-Installer (10.5 or higher)
Download from:

it is HIGHLY recommended you update and use this 'custom' version of B2S server which has a few changes to work better with PinUp System. (overwrite the files in your table folder and run the b2s register.exe as admin again).

Download from:

DMDExt aka Freezy DLL
Version: 1.7.1 or higher (32 bit, x86 files only!!! Install the files in the VPinMAME folder, NOT the “VPinMAME \ dmdext” sub folder)
Download from:


Note: The new Pinup System Installer no longer installs any dmdext / freezy files (the older installer did). You should have it installed and setup before you install PinupSystem, but it can still be installed afterward as well. Please goto this link and follow the instructions on how to install DMDext 1.7+ (32 bit, x86 only) files and how to configure it for Pinup Player!

DOF R3++ Grand Unifier


Dux Retro's PUPLookup Spreadsheet for v1.4

List of available Loading Videos on the Popper Media Server

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