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Other Settings

Help/Info/Other2 PuPDisplays

Popper supports showing/popping up these screens to show items like flyers, help videos etc. Use Media manager to assign the media and setup you controller/keys in Popper to show/hide them.

GameInfo, GameHelp/Instructions, and Other 2 media can ALSO be displayed during gameplay at a keypress. You need to enable it with the Custom Options: (default is off)|

As shown in link above….this is the options you want:

ShowInfoInGame=0/1 (default 0=off) If you set this to 1 then will allow the info/help/other keys to be active during gameplay.

You can also show multilple media files for the same Display. So you can have 5 flyer pages using the INFO display and use your flipper buttons to go through the pages.

Use media manager to place the first file and then you'll have to manually add the additional files outside popper and rename them like this: remember you can just right-click on 'info/help' box in media manager and “open explorer” to access the folder location.

You must put order or images like: elvis.png, elvis01.png, elvis02.png, elvis03.mp4 (it alpha sorts all media files found in info folder).

also in latest version of Popper you can drag a file to the pupdisplay like “help” and it will ask you if you'd like to “add to list”. That feature will auto-number the files for you to make life easier.

then you use the flipper keys to browse next/prior while the display is up.

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