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Visual Pinball X (VPX)

For a good video guide that covers all the basics of Visual Pinball, go here:

Virtual Pinball: "Software" Essentials - Visual Pinball X**


The standard Popper install should work out of box as long as you setup your VPX emulator file/program/table folder locations.

some common items/suggestions:

v1.4 has a super duper new way of getting the table loaded. But on some 'slower' systems you may notice a desktop 'blink'. If your system is seeing the desktop with v1.4 do this:

This is different than a TV blank blink, if you TV goes/flashes completely black/blank (don't see desktop) then that is a hardware/GPU/TV setup issue. This is for if you see your actualy background desktop behind playfield blink.) in emulator setup:

vpx launch script in emulator setup replace/change the vpxstarter line to this.

START "" "[STARTDIR]Launch\VPXSTARTER.exe" 30 10 60 "Visual Pinball Player" 5

the last number will wait 5 seconds after VPX says “all good”. so you can play with the last number to your system.

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