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DOF ComObject admin issue

if DOF is working fine in vpx but seems to NOT work in Popper even with useDOF=true setup correctly.

try the following:

run pinupmenu.exe as NOT admin. if DOF starts to work when running as non-admin, then there's something wacky in DOF comobject install. (not pinup or popper related)

This is what others have reported works:

registry edit and remove the following DOF entry:

then go to where your DOF directoutput folder is (non pinup related). theres an exe called RegisterDirectOutputComObject.exe

right-click run as admin that file.

and then try and run pinupmenu.exe as admin again and that should start to work fine.

Still doesn't work: Others have reported changing these registry entries will make it work:

Only make these changes if you're comfortable with regedit and remember the original values if you want to edit back.

some have just changed this:

Hi I’ve had exactly same problem checked and tried everything, and the only trick that worked was to disable UAC in registry :


Change the key EnableUA value from 1 to 0

and now DOF in pinupmenu works perfectly even its launched as admin

Others have to change all these 3.

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