Virtual Pinball?? What is that?
Taking games-room over by storm!!

Visual Pinball (“VP”) is a freeware and source available video game engine for pinball tables. It includes a table editor as well as the simulator itself, and runs on Microsoft Windows. It can be used with Visual PinMAME, an emulator for ROM images from real pinball machines.

A huge variety of user-created VP tables are available on the internet. Players can choose between faithful recreations of existing pinball machines, with or without ROM emulation, and original pinball simulations based on licensed or completely original themes. VP’s scripting capabilities can also be used to create pinball-like games such as pitch-and-bat baseball, pinball bingo, bowling, cue sports, and pachinko.

VP can be used with common desktop PCs and monitors, but also supports “virtual pinball” cabinets, with various monitors and TVs used to display the playfield and backbox, similar to a real pinball machine. 3D televisions are supported; and recent versions support touch controls for playing on tablet computers and smartphones.

In February 2010, VP’s source code was released under a license allowing free non-commercial use.

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