Greetings from Toronto, Canada!!

This PinUP Project is a hobby project that has become a passion of mine for the last few years!! If you haven’t seen or tried Virtual Pinball, you are missing out on all the FUN!!

I’ve been coding since a kid (back when audio cassettes stored code!). These days I only code for fun and when my itch to design and develop something new comes around (winter time mostly!).

The PinUP System has grown way beyond my expectations and with the help of many in the community has become the most popular Front-End for Virtual Pinball Cabinets.

Come and Join the communities, either through FaceBook Groups, Discord or VPUniverse (or all of them!). You’ll find a mostly friendly atmosphere!!

Just a “Heads-Up” that Visual Pinball is NOT an out-of-box simple install-and-play type setup. You may be familiar with grabbing a All-In-One pack for MAME Arcades and have everything you need to get started. THIS IS NOT THAT!! All VP tables have been created and coded by scratch by groups of members of the community. They do this in their free-time and you cannot compare playing a MAME ROM to playing a virtual pinball table. The community doesn’t condone table-packs and even many media-authors do not wish their works to be packaged up. Feel free to disagree, but please don’t join the communities trying to convince us otherwise. All VP land software is free and not to be used commercially. If you purchased the software/cabinet or have tables installed by someone then you are using unlicensed software.

Also, if you have ZERO computer knowledge I would suggest sticking with commercial products like ZEN FX/FX3 as configuring and setting up VPX/FP and other emulators requires a level of computer knowledge! There’s no point complaining how difficult it is as nobody should feel ‘entitled’ to complain about how the community’s “free-hobby” time is spent on them. It takes a village here, and there’s many people that will gladly help you if you put in some effort in watching/reading the resources out there.

Happy Gaming!!

David aka “NailBuster”

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