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 ====== Other Settings ====== ====== Other Settings ======
-Here's where you can info/​examples on how other people got their hardware/​software up and running.+----
-===== Cactus Canyon Continued with Hardware DMD =====+===== Help/​Info/​Other2 PuPDisplays ​=====
-First get CCC up and running outside of Poppermaking sure you get dmdext sample batch file ready and workingThen add table to Popper and on game manager ​go to CCC and find the field '​Custom Launch #​2' ​and set it to "​CCC"​ without quotes.+Popper supports showing/​popping ​up these screens to show items like flyershelp videos etcUse Media manager to assign ​the media and setup you controller/​keys in Popper ​to show/hide them.
-then in your vpx launch script you want to add this to it at the top: (this is a sample, you need to change the parameters for dmdext for your hardware!)+GameInfo, GameHelp/​Instructions,​ and Other 2 media can ALSO be displayed **during gameplay** at a keypress. You need to enable ​it with the Custom Options: (default ​is off)
-Launch Script:+[[:custom_options|http://​​wikipinup/​doku.php?​id=custom_options|]]
-<​code>​ +As shown in link above….this is the options you want:
-if "​[CUSTOM2]"​=="​CCC"​ ( +
-cd "​c:​\visual pinball\vpinmame"​ +
-start /min ""​ dmdext.exe mirror --source screen --position 4550 900 512 128 --no-virtual -d pindmdv3 -p COM3 +
-Note For LCD/DMD you would do similar but the dmdext.exe line needs to be different like this:+ShowInfoInGame=0/1 (default 0=off) If you set this to 1 then will allow the info/​help/​other keys to be active during gameplay.
-<​file>​ +**You can also show multilple media files for the same Display So you can have 5 flyer pages using the INFO display and use your flipper buttons to go through the pages.**
-start /min ""​ c:/​dmdext/​dmdext.exe mirror --source screen --position 5700 0 1400 400 --destination=virtual --virtual-stay-on-top --virtual-hide-grip --virtual-position 5700 0 1154 555 +
-note: your #'s will be different depending ​on your screen layout/setup.+Use media manager to place the first file and then you'll have to manually add the additional files outside popper and rename them like this: //remember you can just right-click ​on 'info/help' box in media manager and "open explorer"​ to access the folder location.//
-Add This to the end of close script:+You must put order or images likeelvis.png, elvis01.png,​ elvis02.png,​ elvis03.mp4 (it alpha sorts all media files found in info folder).
-<​file>​ +then you use the flipper keys to browse next/prior while the display is up.
- if "​[CUSTOM2]"​=="​CCC"​ (start ​/min ""​ taskkill /f /im dmdext.exe) +
-===== Setting up timeshock ultra(steam) with dmdext and popper ===== +----
- +
-[[:​setup_timeshock|see here for TimeShock config... ]]+
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