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 +Visual Pinball 'Insantiy' Checklist.  Learn and setup the following:
 +table roms\\
 +table files\\
 +color roms/vni/pals\\
 +PinUP Player, puppacks, pupcapture, directb2s plugins\\
 +freezy/dmd setup\\
 +hardware dmd config if you've got one\\
 +check/configure your dmddevice.ini/dll/64bit/32bit files locations and settings.\\
 +HIDE your b2s dmd, disable that error when missing directb2s file...\\
 +Pin2DMD/PinDMDv3/LCD.."and why does it change to ** when I mention it on vpforums?\\
 +press f1 and set those vpinmame settings correctly!!  external dmd?\\
 +run which/what/how as admin?\\
 +why is this freggin table rotated now?  \\
 +where's this  ddraw setting....ajit86 -wtf?\\
 +volume of all rom music/sounds is looow?\\
 +art/wheels/table audio/launch\\
 +p-roc setup perhaps\\
 +Terry video this... Terry Video that... who is that guy?\\
 +the all-knowing and powerful "Spreadsheet"...I'll just download the whole...wait\\
 +Join this forum for this part, that forum for those things... don't say that name there...wth?\\
 +yes the FAQ... FA-Q too......Was pinball invented in Germany, maybe Australia?\\
 +ultradmd files\\
 +fastflips... whats that? sounds cool...\\
 +music folder\\
 +VPX point of view files...\\
 +VPX graphics settings for brute force/exclusive full screen/resolutions/vsync\\
 +SSF, an exciter?  configure sound levels and perhaps sound mix your bass to certain channels.\\
 +Teensy?  addressable leds....backwall matrix? .... enough with all these blinding lights!\\
 +Did I mention DOF config/cabinet.xml/webtool....grab bottle of scotch (or two).\\
 +cab keys/input config/pinscape/ledwiz\\
 +nudge hardware/settings\\
 +plunger hardware/setting\\
 +I'll just post this file to....huh? what do you mean the guy will kill me?\\
 +Sure, I'll thank everyone on the planet for allowing me to release any mod\\
 +ahh SCREW IT.... Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters.... there i said it... where is it?\\
 +whats a vpt file?  do i need that?\\
 +why all stern tables I get a bad rom file name on startup?\\
 +Don't forget about the awesome FrontEnd \\
 +oh, i want fx3/zaccaria/TPA/TimeShock and all that working with PUP-SSF/DOFLinx/DmdExt...\\
 +and where do I put this future pinball table?\\
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