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 <font inherit/inherit;;#e74c3c;;inherit>**if you are on v1.3 follow the v1.4 upgrade link at bottom of this page before applying v1.4.x**</font> <font inherit/inherit;;#e74c3c;;inherit>**if you are on v1.3 follow the v1.4 upgrade link at bottom of this page before applying v1.4.x**</font>
 +===== Version 1.4.5 update (June 6, 2020) =====
 +To apply this update you must already be on v1.4.4 of PinUP System.  If you aren't on v1.4.4 the updated files/instructions are below.  To see which version you are on,  right-click (select properties) on pinupdisplay.exe in your pinupsystem folder.  You will see verison like
 +Make sure you windows-UNBLOCK file before unzipping the file.
 +overwrite the files into your pinupsystem folder. note:  if you only want to upgrade PinUP Player (not Popper frontend) then just use/update the pinupdisplay.exe file ONLY from update zip.
 +Change log:
 +**BIG**:  additional/multiple loading videos support… very cool!  See video here:\\
 +Setup:  drag/drop loading screens to support which pupscreen ID.\\
 +PUPDisplay Setup:  added buttons to force ratio 4:1, 16:9\\
 +Update Games-Info from json-list if found.  Very nice for huge libraries like mame, and fx3 typed fixed info.\\
 +**BIG**:  another new pupdisplay added:  Added Apron/FULLDMD support in media manager,  this is pupdisplay #5.  If you want to use you’ll have to config Popper Theme (#5 screen) to forceON.  Also,  in globalsettings/displays you’ll need to set Apron Screen similar to “active and update”.\\
 +This could also be used for backdrop for FULLDMD users. You want to set it to forceBack then, and make sure your other DMD is set to forceON (so that its on top of pupscreen5).\\
 +**AWESOME**:  PuPOverlays in puppacks now support full-alpha transparency over videos!  Use playlist PUPAlphas instead of PUPOverlays to try.\\
 +Nice:  new popup for KeepON field so you don’t have to always remember the pup screenid #’s.\\
 +Media Manager:  Preview web of mp4/mp3 now uses vlc instead of browser.  It will auto-preview 5 seconds of the mp4 in a vlc window and auto-close.\\
 +Popper Voice:  add a run ‘custom batch’ file feature.  See the PopperVoice.txt file for all details of the features added for Voice.\\
 +Popper front-end has new menu-item to record fulldmd now (like record topper...etc)\\
 +Auto record now has support for auto record Fulldmd 16:9 displays.\\
 +Skip errors on wheelimages...will just show blank wheels.\\
 +**Big**: touchscreen support… more info to follow.
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 ====== END OF LOG ====== ====== END OF LOG ======
-=====   ===== 
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