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 +===== Custom PinUP Player Layouts =====
 +Starting in v1.4.4 you can now have custom pup size/layouts by pup-pack.
 +The default pup display layouts/settings are stored in PinUPPlayer.ini in the root of your PinUpSystem folder.
 +That is what is used during config/default.
 +A new feature is that a pup-pack will look at the root of the pup-pack folder FIRST for a pinupplayer.ini file and use that, or use the default if nothing is found.
 +So if you want to have custom layouts for a pack.  You just first make a backup of your default pinupplayer.ini.  Now run configdisplays.bat file and set the layout/settings you'd like to use for the custom puppack.  Then copy the new pinupplayer.ini into the root of the puppack.  (ex.  PupVideos\tron_l4\PinUPPlayer.ini).  Don't forget to copy back your backup/default of pinupplayer.ini to your pinupsystem root.
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