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 {{:c3af6313002da8536a5c72f04b6e458c.png}} {{:c3af6313002da8536a5c72f04b6e458c.png}}
 +another user fixed by this:
 +“Are the people who are having the DOF + Admin mode problem running with UAC turned off?
 +If so, that might be the whole issue.  Turning off UAC prevents Windows from being able to elevate processes in certain cases.  You might be *thinking* that you’re running RegisterComObject in Admin mode, but not *actually* running in Admin mode, because of the absence of UAC.  Everyone thinks that turning off UAC just shuts off some prompts, but it actually shuts down the whole system service that allows the desktop shell to elevate selected processes.”
 +I tried turning UAC back on (control panel, system and security, change user account control settings, slid control up from the bottom to the next setting up – “notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer (do not dim my desktop)”
 +Then I REBOOTED.  And I once again have lights in PinUp menu! Hope this sticks and keeps working!
 +I have all exe’s running non-admin now. I am running on Windows 7 enterprise.  Your mileage may vary, but hope this helps…
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