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-[[|{{  :pnirvana.png?nolink&526x91  }}]] 
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 **DOF R3++ Feedback Engine** [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|WebSite:]] **DOF R3++ Feedback Engine** [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|WebSite:]]
-**DOFLinx:** [[|Guide:]] [[| Download Link:]]+**DOFLinx:** [[|Guide:]] [[| Download Link:]]
-**VPINMAME**: [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|Forum Link:]]+**VPINMAME**: [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|Forum Link:]]
 **FlexDMD:** [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|Forum Link:]] **FlexDMD:** [[|GitHub Project Link]] [[|Forum Link:]]
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 [[|VR Pinball Group]] [[|VR Pinball Group]]
 +**Discord**: [[|Virtual Pinball Chat]]
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