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 Usually just unzip into PinUPSystem root: see instructions. Usually just unzip into PinUPSystem root: see instructions.
-Update types/​levels:​ minor-easy / standard / important / major 
 <font inherit/​inherit;;#​e74c3c;;​inherit>​**if you are on v1.3 follow the v1.4 upgrade link at bottom of this page before applying v1.4.x**</​font>​ <font inherit/​inherit;;#​e74c3c;;​inherit>​**if you are on v1.3 follow the v1.4 upgrade link at bottom of this page before applying v1.4.x**</​font>​
 +===== Version 1.4.4 update (Nov 1, 2019) (beta) =====
 +once you are on v1.4.1 or newer you can just overwrite these files into pinupsystem:​ (same files for both Player and Popper). Note this zip has a subfolder "​PinUPPlayerVpinMame",​ the '​pupdmdcontrol.exe'​ file in there needs to be copied into root of vpinmame.
 +Make sure you windows-UNBLOCK file before unzipping the file.
 +Change Log:
 +PopperSetup:​ added **STATS tab** in gamemanager… Note: no front end can tell you how many times you played games within emulator, just how many times you launched the game. enjoy :)\\
 +PopperSetup:​ on lookup tab support weblookup button as well\\
 +PopperSetup:​ Display orders has a UI save button once you move playlist around.\\
 +PuPDisplayConfig:​ **BIG**: support custom pinupplayer.ini by rom. You can now have different screen layouts by puppack. PuP will now use pinupplayer.ini file in root of each puppack if present, or will use default if not found. (see: [[:​pinup_pack_layout|http://​​wikipinup/​doku.php?​id=pinup_pack_layout|]])\\
 +PuPDisplay: added FO script command for mirror text refresh (used for real-pupdmd mirror).\\
 +Popper: skip error messages when startup with ‘stuck’ joystick-button…\\
 +Popper: PauseOnLoad and keepon displays will now resume on game active.\\
 +Popper: IntroSkipSeconds=X when using intro intro video, after x seconds will goto home menu.\\
 +Popper: AttractOnStart=1/​0 default 0. Will start on a random attract game on startup.\\
 +Popper Voice: search games will now search ‘gamedisplay’ AND ‘tags’ field. Allows you to add alt-name things to search for on a game via voice.\\
 +PuPDisplay: custompos 100, for fixed pixel positions..not using %\\
 +PuPDisplay: playing a media file with a @ will hide overlay during playback of media.\\
 +PuPDMD: support for |12345 at end of Text for custom color setting.\\
 +Popper: **Loading Videos Awesomeness!**:​ fadeoutloading=0/​1/​2 custom option allows for different modes with transparent loading videos. 0=default normal as before, 1= will fadeout video/audio 2=will continue playing until loading video ends or a key is pressed.\\
 +PuPDisplay: PuPShapes Support: experimental\\
 +Popper: Support for FF/RW jumping while watching videos in help/info. Page next/prior buttons.\\
 +PuPPackEditor:​ **Huge!** Whole new layout, with testing pack tab and ability to test fire events.\\
 +PuPDisplay: Ball Rolling sounds in SSF (for FP for now)! Experimental but cool.
 ---- ----
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