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 Also run the [[:​popper_doctor|PopperDoctor.exe to help troubleshoot]]. Also run the [[:​popper_doctor|PopperDoctor.exe to help troubleshoot]].
-dof files: [[http://​​index.php?​showtopic=33080|http://​​index.php?​showtopic=33080]]+dof files: [[https://​​index.php?​showtopic=39557&​hl=|https://​​index.php?​showtopic=39557&​hl=]]
 ---- ----
-===== REAL-DMD Hardware =====+===== REAL-DMD Hardware ​(PinUP Player PuPDMD) ​=====
-Same location above about DOF setup, but you want to find and change this.+In the latest PinUP Player versions it now supports Real DMDs for the PuPDMD video displays that original table authors are making. ​ You do not need Popper to use the PuPDMD real-mirroring feature. 
 +Make sure you are using the lastest PuPDMDControl files from here: 
 +unblock the zip and unzip the contents into your VPINMAME root folder. ​ Also, its always safe to re-run the "​PUPDMDControl_Register.bat"​ file as admin after updating the files. 
 +===== REAL-DMD Hardware (PinUP Popper Configuration) ===== 
 +Same location above with DOF setup, but you want to find and change this. If you are using a LCD for your DMD then do NOT set to true.
 var useDMD = **true**; var useDMD = **true**;
Line 37: Line 47:
 **//make sure its all lowercase!//​ ** **//make sure its all lowercase!//​ **
-If you are having problems, run [[:​popper_doctor|PopperDoctor.exe ​and to help troubleshoot.]]+starting in v1.4, you can have full videos and images on your real-dmd. see install video: [[https://​​watch?​v=KBUtGExsgCM|https://​​watch?​v=KBUtGExsgCM]] 
 +If you are having problems, run [[:​popper_doctor|PopperDoctor.exe to help troubleshoot.]]
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